Joker Defaces Eye Crave Network

Seems sometime during the night that misfit of a maniac defaced Eye Crave Network. Thank fully he only attacked the logo.

I guess it’s only fitting seeing as today is Dark Knight Day! Yes, The Dark Knight is finally legally available on DVD and Blu-ray and it is well worth the wait. Go buy it today!

Don’t forget that The Dark Knight is available in multiple special edition and exclusive packages at many retailers.

Best Buy

  • Free Joker playing card (which features an image of Batman in the advertisements) with purchase of any of the editions.
  • Free Batman or Joker replica mask with purchase of the 2-disc DVD or the Blu-ray Batpod gift set
  • Free $20 Best Buy gift card with purchase of the Blu-ray edition and a Samsung Blu-ray player

 Circuit City

  • Exclusive “Why So Serious” slipcover for 2-disc DVD
  • Free limited edition Batman logo journal with purchase of 2-disc DVD


  • Free Dark Knight calendar with purchase of 2-disc DVD or the Blu-ray edition


  • Collectable Batman mask packaging for 2-disc DVD and Blu-ray editions (like Iron Man had a few months ago)

Toys ‘R’ Us

  • Free Batman projector flashlight with purchase of any edition of The Dark Knight


  • Exclusive steelbook packaging on 2-disc DVD edition.

Wal-Mart (be sure not be crushed in the rush)

  • Exclusive comic book and Two-Face replica coin with purchase of single disc DVD

Future Shop Canada

  • Exclusive Dark Knight Steelbook Case

Get them while they’re available, cause as you can see below someone loves the steelbooks a little too much.



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