MP3-J… The So Sick Social Club!

Check out the crazy mofo’s of Toronto Ontario’s own So Sick Social Club, the ass-kickin’-est, face-stabbin’-est, impregnate-your-teenage-daughter-est, jager-swillin’ madmen this side of the ninth circle…




Comprised of the lovely SoSick brothers – Chris SoSick, Voodoo Drew and the gentleman known simply as ‘Ugly’, So Sick Social Club is the inbred bastard love-child of the prison rape of The Deftones by the Insane Clown Posse, while Twizted takes artful photo portraits with their iPhone. Take a listen to these Jager-soaked, backyard wrasslin’ psychos and learn a little more about how they live on the other side… of HELL!!!

Check out the three tracks on their MySpace page and order their EP, StAy SicK poste haste, lest the Devil reap your immortal soul and save it to snack on during next week’s DEXTER!




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