Thinking About ‘Watchmen’ on DVD / Blu-ray

WatchmenWith all the Watchmen stuff coming out it got me thinking about the imminent DVD / Blu-ray release and when it could possibly land in our hands. Seeing this is another movie based on a graphic novel that will undoubtedly be another box office success not unlike that of 300 there might be a previous pattern that Watchmen may follow.

It was 300 that got got me thinking about a DVD / Blu-ray release date and the release schedule that it followed. If you recall it was released theatrically in March of 2007. The 7th to be precise. 300 then landed on DVD, Blu-ray and the now defunct HD DVD on July 31st, which happened to the be the Tuesday preceding Comic-Con 2007.

Our friends at Warner Bros. then invited us to cover the DVD release and red carpet prior to it’s launch and to our first Comic-Con. Considering Watchmen also a graphic novel, it stems to reason that there will be something happening at Comic-Con next year.

While I’m only speculating it also makes sense based on the Comic-Con 2009 event date (July 23-26), and the strong likelihood of an event at Comic-Con then it only makes sense that the DVD and Blu-ray will hit shelves on either July 28th, or in early August.

Don’t forget that there is also a direct to DVD accompanying film that will be released 5-days after the film lands in theatres. That DVD is the Tale of the Black Freighter which is based on comic book story within the the graphic novel.

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