Wall-E Gets 5 Releases

The best reviewed movie on 2008 is coming home to DVD and Blu-ray in 5 different editions. Yes, you read that right. You’ll have the choice of 5 ways to own Wall-E on DVD and Blu-ray.

Here’s what the official press release has to say:


From the Humans Who Brought You Finding Nemo and Cars…

The Year’s Most Acclaimed and Original Film
Comes Home — November 18!

Disney•Pixar’s Box Office Favorite


Out-of-This-World Single, Double and Triple-Disc DVD Releases and
Spectacular Hi-Def Two and Three-Disc Blu-ray™ Versions
Featuring Disney’s All-New BD-Live Network
Hilarious All-New Bonus Short BURN•E Debuts on all DVD and Blu-ray Versions!

BURBANK, California, November, 2008—The year’s most acclaimed and original film, an intergalactic story of the lovable robot WALL•E, comes home to Blu-ray hi-def and DVD — November 18, 2008, courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, just in time for the holidays.  Disney•Pixar’s hilarious box-office favorite transports viewers to another galaxy with five different versions.  Consumers can choose from two exciting Blu-ray disc versions and from three standard definition DVD versions. Each home entertainment release contains the feature film and a payload of fantastic bonus features, including an exciting all-new animated short film BURN•E, the story of a stalwart repair robot by the same name who is determined to do his job, but is foiled at every turn by WALL•E’s adventures aboard the Axiom..*

The stunning Blu-ray release (both two and three-disc versions) of WALL•E offers audiences the chance to really enjoy the true colors, depth and sound exactly as the filmmakers envisioned it! Additionally, the Blu-ray Disc owners in the U.S. have access to Disney BD-Live Network that allows viewers to combine some of today’s most popular interactive communications platforms – chat, video messages, online interactivity, communal gaming and more – with their movie watching experience and provide exclusive access content to receive sneak-peaks of upcoming trailers, downloadable extras and more…

WALL•E is an out-of-this-world action-adventure filled with heart and humor that follows an extraordinary cast of characters on a fantastic journey across the universe. Oscar®-winning director Andrew Stanton’s (won Best Animated Feature, Finding Nemo 2003) beautiful story of WALL•E is a love letter to the Golden Age of sci-fi films.  The film’s cast of exciting new characters has thrilled and delighted movie-lovers of all ages while once again showcasing Pixar’s amazing abilities to create entire new worlds.  

WALL•E‘s voice cast includes Jeff Garlin (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”), Elissa Knight (Cars), Sigourney Weaver (Alien), John Ratzenberger (Toy Story), Kathy Najimy (“King of the Hill”) and Fred Willard (Chicken Little). Academy Award®-winning sound designer Ben Burtt (the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises) provides the endearing voice of WALL•E, the little robot who never quits.

In its theatrical release, WALL•E wowed critics everywhere with its adventurous story, combined with cutting-edge animation and an imaginatively detailed vision of the future. Claudia Puig of USA TODAY praises the film’s “breathtaking visuals” and gives it “4 out of 4 stars.” “WALL-E is a movie you want to discover,” enthuses Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly. The Wall Street Journal‘s Joe Morgenstern calls it “A stunning tour de force,” while Boston Globe film critic Ty Burr, dubs the film “A major visionary work, a sci-fi parable of astonishing scope and depth that is anchored by an adorable bucket of bolts.”

WALL•E Synopsis

After hundreds of lonely years of doing what he was built for, WALL•E (short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) discovers a new purpose in life (besides collecting knick-knacks) when he meets a sleek search robot named EVE.  EVE comes to realize that WALL•E has inadvertently stumbled upon the key to the planet’s future, and races back to space to report her findings to the humans (who have been eagerly awaiting word that it is safe to return home).  Meanwhile, WALL•E chases EVE across the galaxy and sets into motion one of the most exciting and imaginative comedy adventures ever brought to the big screen. Joining WALL•E on his fantastic journey across a universe of never-before-imagined visions of the future, is a hilarious cast of characters including a pet cockroach, and a heroic team of malfunctioning misfit robots.

Exciting WALL•E DVD Bonus Features

Single Disc DVD:

·      Presto – The Pixar Animation Studios original theatrical short that accompanied the WALL•E theatrical release, about a star magician’s ego that provokes some clever revenge from his neglected rabbit co-star.  

·       Animation Sound Design: Building Worlds from The Sound Up – Ben Burtt, the acclaimed Oscar-winning sound designer, introduces viewers to the art of sound design using examples from WALL•E and historic footage of the early Disney sound effects masters at work.

·       Audio Commentary by WALL•E director Andrew Stanton.

·       Deleted Scenes, Easter Eggs and More…

2-Disc DVD (Canadian French Only) includes all of the above, plus:

·      Robots – Find out everything about the film’s robot heroes, including hilarious web vignettes, the names and functions of all of WALL•E’s malfunctioning misfit robot friends and an interactive storybook packed with kid-friendly challenges.  

·       Behind the Scenes – Six exclusive featurettes give fans an insider’s view of the making of WALL•E, including the film’s visual design, character development and musical score, plus the story behind the special effects challenges and a look at building the robot characters that populate the film.  

·       Buy n Large Shorts – Straight from the BnL archives, five revealing short films provide insight into the inner workings of the company, from its humble beginnings to the intergalactic plan that launched EVE into space. Learn how to operate the Axiom, find out about the company’s line of “robotsfor every need’” and hear the story behind the Earth Exit Plan.  

·       The Pixar Story, A Documentary by Leslie Iwerks –  The first in-depth look at the most influential animation studio of its time, The Pixar Story goes behind the scenes of the groundbreaking company that pioneered a new generation of animated feature films. Academy and Emmy Award-nominated director Leslie Iwerks uses never-before-seen footage from the Pixar library, along with historic archival animation and first hand accounts by animators, studio executives, directors, producers and voice performers to chronicle the remarkable company that revolutionized an industry

·       Early WALL•E Development Test

3-Disc DVD includes all of the above, plus:

·      “DisneyFile” Digital Copy – Allowing viewers to enjoy Wall·E via a computer laptop or other portable device, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment also is adding a special “DisneyFile” Digital Copy of the movie — enabling DVD and Blu-ray owners to receive a digital version of Wall·E in their choice of iTunes or Windows Media formats.  DisneyFile Digital Copy is a fast and easy way to enjoy your favorite Disney movies, anytime, anywhere on your Mac, PC and/or compatible portable device.  

(Please see grid below for exact contents/differences of 1-Disc, 2-Disc and 3-Disc Standard Definition DVD releases)

WALL•E Blu-ray Bonus Features:

Everything on the Standard Definition DVDs, Plus…

  • Cine-Explore A fascinating viewing option in which filmmakers comment on WALL•E, accompanied by behind-the-scenes visuals, in sync with the movie.

·      Geek Track – An additional commentary full of obscure references, little known trivia and lively sci-fi discussion, this pop-up silhouette in-movie feature gives viewers a peek inside the minds of some of the more passionate geeks at Pixar.

·       The Axiom Arcade – A retro suite of video games with a Wall•E twist, including Eve’s Bot Blaster, Wall•E’s Dodge & Dock, M-O’s Mop-Up Madness and Burn•E’s Break Through.

  • 3D Set Fly-Throughs Cut-away illustrations of the Axiom and Earth sets provides viewer access to HD set fly-throughs from ten of the film’s most detailed locations.
  • Disney BD-Live Network – Disney’s BD-Live Network is just one of the many ways U.S. movie lovers, families and loved ones can continue to stay connected and engage in their favorite movies.  

o   Movie Chat – Communicate with your friends on-screen using any text-enabled device such as a laptop, desktop or PDA device such as a Blackberry, iPhone or most other cell phones. Your chat session will appear over the movie and occur in real-time while watching the movie together.

o   Movie Mail – Blu-ray owners will be able to record a personalized video message of themselves, superimpose that capture into a pre-selected clip of the movie, and send it off to a friend, colleague or relative. This specific feature enables the WALL•E Blu-ray Disc owner to personalize a very special greeting as never before.

o   Movie Challenge – Users will be able to test their skills against online players in a synchronized, real-time, online trivia game while watching WALL•E.  There is always a Movie Challenge game in progress to join, regardless of the time of day.

o  Disney Movie Rewards LiveWALL•E Blu-ray owners will be able to accumulate reward points by participating in any Disney BD-Live Network activity. In return, viewers can redeem points for exclusive content such as ringtones, avatars, previews of upcoming movie trailers, downloadable extras and many more exciting possibilities.

(Please see grid below for exact contents/differences of 2-Disc and 3-Disc Blu-ray releases)

The suggested retail price for Wall·E on Single Disc DVD is $29.99 (U.S.) and $35.99 (Canada). The Double Disc DVD is $41.99 (Canada French Only). The Triple Disc DVD is priced at $39.99 (U.S.) and $46.99 (Canada). The Blu-ray Double Disc retails for $35.99 (U.S.) and $45.99 (Canada). The Blu-ray Triple Disc is $40.99 (U.S.) and $54.99 (Canada).

STREET DATE:                        November 18, 2008
Direct prebook:                                                         September 23, 2008
Distributor prebook:                                     October 7, 2008
Suggested retail price:                                    Single Disc DVD $29.99 (U.S.) and $35.99 (Canada)
                                                                        Double Disc DVD $41.99 (Canada French Only)
                                                                        Triple Disc DVD $39.99 (U.S.) and $46.99 (Canada)
                                                                        Blu-ray Double Disc $35.99 (U.S.) and $45.99 (Canada)
                                                                        Blu-ray Triple Disc $40.99 (U.S.) and $54.99 (Canada)
Run time:                                                                        98 minutes
Rated:                  G                  
Aspect ratio:                  Original Theatrical Aspect Ratio WS (2.39:1)
Sound:  Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 Surround Sound
FastPlay:                                                                        Yes
Language:                                              1 – Disc DVD English
Subtitled:  English SDH (U.S. SKU); Spanish (Spanish SKU), French (CE/CF SKUs) Dubbed: N/A (U.S. SKU); Spanish (Spanish SKU), French (CE/CF SKUs)
Closed Captions: Yes  

3 – Disc DVD English
Subtitled: English SDH (U.S. SKU); French (CE SKU)
Dubbed:  N/A (U.S. SKU); French (CE SKU)
Closed Captions: Yes

2 – 3 Disc BD English
Subtitled: English SDH (U.S. SKU); Spanish, French (CE/CF SKUs) Dubbed: N/A (U.S. SKU); Spanish, French (CE/CF SKUs)
Closed Captions: Yes

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, a recognized leader in the home entertainment industry, is the marketing, sales and distribution company for Walt Disney, Touchstone, Hollywood Pictures, Miramax and Buena Vista product, which includes DVD, Blu-ray Disc® and electronic distribution.  Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment is a division of The Walt Disney Studios.

Pixar Animation Studios, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is an Academy Award®-winning film studio with world-renowned technical, creative and production capabilities in the art of computer animation.  Creator of some of the most successful and beloved animated films of all time, including Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille, and most recently, WALL•E. The Northern California studio has won 21 Academy Awards® and its nine films have grossed more than $4.5 billion at the worldwide box office to date.  The next film release from Disney•Pixar is UP (May 29, 2009).


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