Coming Soon – SUGAR BOXX!!!

How’s this for a dream flick straight out of 1975??

Tura Satana as a hardass Judge, alongside fellow Meyer-Goddess Kitten Natividad as the Warden of a women’s prison, and legendary exploitation director Jack Hill (SPIDER BABY, COFFY, FOXY BROWN and SWITCHBLADE SISTERS).

Tura hipped me to this one herself and warned me that she’d kick my ass if I didn’t check it out… I suggest you do the same!

From Cody Jarret, the cult-savvy director of FROG-G-G!, comes this throwback tale of sex, violence, revenge and hot-mamas-in-the-prison-shower!

1975. Sugar State Women’s Facility – Florida Everglades.

Television reporter Valerie March goes undercover inside Florida’s most brutal prison to expose torture, rape and murder.

She’s looking for a story. She gets a whole lot more.

Welcome to SUGAR BOXX.
(from the official MySpace page)
Check out the MySpace page, the official site…and check out the fucking ass-kickin’est-trailer in the history of the world right





 Tura Satana WILL kick the living shit out of you!



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