Tops at the Box Office

Lord of the Rings may not have broken the records many fans were expecting, however, it did manage to pull away with the number one spot over the weekend. Being 3hrs in length really puts a damper on how many viewing can be had. Meanwhile, Ocean’s Eleven managed to hold second spot while other new comer, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, captured third place. Thus bumping last week top movie Vanilla Sky. Here’s how the rest of the box office played out. 1. Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship (45.25m) 2. Ocean’s Eleven (14.59m) 3. Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (14.00m) 4. Vanilla Sky (12.10m) 5. How High (7.58m) 6. Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone (6.17m) 7. Not Another Teen Movie (5.50m) 8. The Majestic (5.03m) 9. Joe Somebody (3.65m) 10. Monsters, Inc. (3.52m)

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