MTI unleashes NYMPHA September 9

The good folks at MTI are set to unleash Ivan Zuccon’s ‘stylish and disturbing thriller’ NYMPHA on September 9, starring the lovely and talented Tiffany Shepis!!! Read on for details and possibilities…


MTI Home Video, the leading independent home entertainment studio that specializes in horror films, will next release Ivan Zuccon’s (Bad Brains, The Shunned House) NYMPHA on DVD on September 9, 2008. NYMPHA is a stylish and disturbing chiller that explores the realm where madness and faith intersect!

Tiffany Shepis (Nightmare Man, The Hazing) stars in the film along with Allan McKenna (Blind Bet), Michael Segal (The Shunned House), Alessandra Guerzoni, Caterina Zanca, Giuseppe Gobbato, and Francesco Primavera. The film was written by Ivo Gazzarrini (Bad Brains), and directed and produced by Ivan Zuccon.

NYMPHA is the story of Sarah (Shepis), an American who goes to Italy to take vows needed to become a cloister nun of the “New Order” Convent. The rules of the convent are very strict – so strict that they are often considered a form of torture. Sarah’s path is divided into four steps, “hear” the Lord, “see” the Lord, “touch” the Lord and “talk” with the Lord. Each step will be painful for Sarah’s physical and mental self. During Sarah’s journey, she has visions of the Convents past – visions of a young woman whose life was ruined by the religious fanaticism of her violent grandfather.

Her grandfather believed he could talk directly with God, but in reality, he was utterly mad. This madness is now present today – within the walls of the Convent where Sarah lives.

****from MTI Home Video****



The DVD will feature Anamorphic Widescreen, 5.1 DDS sound, behind-the-scenes footage, deleted scenes, a photo gallery, trailers, biographies and optional Spanish subtitles.




And look for a chat with the reigning Queen of Scream herself, our old pal Ms. Tiffany Shepis! Coming soon to The Den of Iniquity, right here on EYECRAVEDVD!!!



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