In the immortal words of 60’s impresarios The Zombies, “It’s the time of the season”…

That time, my friends, is NOW. That season is the annual San Diego Comic Con, where your intrepid ECDVD team will be roaming the halls of the San Diego Convention Centre to bring YOU the hottest news from Hollywood’s biggest studios regarding all the pop culture flicks and DVD’s coming your way this year.


Many excellent events are already on the schedule for exclusive ECDVD coverage, and many more will be popping up right up to game day on July 23 and carrying through to the 27th when our boys will be on their way back home.

You may recall last year, when Shane-O-Mac and I hit the 300 DVD Premiere party and brought you footage from the red carpet, including interviews with the likes of director Zach Snyder, comic-book God Frank Miller, and the casts of BABYLON 5, David Arquette’s THE TRIPPER and the legendary BLADE RUNNER. We also brought you interviews with Bruce Timm and the crew behind SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY and exclusives on almost every major genre film of last year, including IRON MAN and INDY 4

Back then, with only the two of us involved, we managed to scrape by on our own savings and a whole lotta love from you fine folks. This year, you can help again!

(You help! Or I send Irwin Keyes to your house with a message!)

As last year, the 2nd Annual Moviethon consists of donating your hard-earned cash, in exchange for the chance to win great prizes like DVD’s (some autographed!) and swag like you ain’t NEVER seen!

You also get the chance to choose a DVD for these suckers to watch during a 10-movie, no-pee-break, balls-to-the-wall, 4-men-enter-no-men-leave Movieguy throwdown! Wherein the poor saps are strapped into their recliners, force fed a highly dangerous popcorn-slushie gruel (via the wonder of feeding tube!) and have their eyes propped open with plastic cocktail toothpick-swords for the duration of 10 movies that YOU pick!!!

(the crop of creamed-poop I had to wade through last year!)

Check out the EYECRAVEDVD MOVIETHON page (or click on the heade near the top of the main page) to get details on how to donate and participate in this years festivities and help the boys get to the Big Show. Only a couple of short weeks left, so dig deep and think hard on some seriously horrible movies to torture these bastards with. Honestly, the worse, the better. I, myself, have to abstain this year, so I’m perfectly happy to see these guys stuck with some of what I had to deal with last year.

(The shape I was in at the end of Moviethon! 07)

And stay tuned for the extra treats that will be afforded by our corporate sponsorship efforts, which are very hush-hush, but so deliciously magnificent that you will fill your shorts with delight when you see what we have in store! Also expect to see our newest reviewer make his video debut right here on your EYECRAVEDVD!


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