Rumor: Dark Knight Screening at Wizard Wold Chicago?

It seems there are some rumors floating around that there will be a screening of this summer’s sure to be blockbuster The Dark Knight.

Nobody at Warner Bros. would confirm this rumor when we asked but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen! Head inside for more details linked to this rumor.
The rumor is just that, a rumor. Ultimatley, we don’t expect there to be a full screening this far in advance of the movie, but who knows?! Meta Mason at the Superhero Hype Forums started the rumor with this comment:

Today I was informed by a friend connected with several media sources and other comic information authorities that we’ll have something very special this time around again on Saturday[at Wizard World Chicago]. Wanting to jump San Diego as it always wishes to do we are given the premiere of Batman: Gotham Knight but from him I have learned that there is a secondary prize for a lucky 200 to show up early. Apparently they may be screening the completed film, The Dark Knight itself, to the earliest in line on Saturday.

Needless to say will be there to cover Wizard World Chicago, regardless of what happens. I repeat again, this is ONLY a rumor! I’m pretty sure something will happen at Wizard World. Just not sure what that something might be!

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