EyeCraveDVD.com Goes Back to 10,000 BC

Our friends over at Warner Bros, who have so nicely welcomed the EyeCraveDVD.com team into the Warner extended family, invited us to a 10, 000 BC event yesterday in Toronto. Members of the team drove four or more hours to meet in Toronto at the Social on Queen Street.

What makes this different than any of our previous events we’ve attended is this time the film’s star, Steven Strait, and special effects Supervisor, Karen Goulekas, were both in attendance. The North Bay team departed at 6:30am while Edward had already put in 45-minutes on the road from his home in the Detroit area. Ed arrived at the Social first and located a Starbucks to hang out while we made our way through Toronto from the North end to arrive approximately 25-minutes after him.

Warner Bros. and our friends at Media Profile put on a nice spread for lunch while we waited around for Steven and Karen to arrive for a Q&A session after previewing one of the Blu-ray discs extra features.

The Q&A was lead by a member of the Toronto media, who’s name escapes me at the moment. Things kicked off with Karen who talked about the fun involved in creating all the crazy effects they did in the film. Steven stepped up did his thing and the other members of the press waited around to have individual interviews with the duo.

I must comment on how cool these two are. Steven and Karen were very approachable and just hung out with us in between interviews and chatted about movies, life, and some other stuff. It was a trip well worth it.

We’ll have both interviews posted soon, but in the meantime, here are some pictures from the venue and event.

In my interview with Steven Strait he talked about his role in the movie, what it’s like working with Roland Emmerich, what he’s working on next, and it’s not PRIEST, it’s CITY ISLAND, and what comic-book hero he’d like to play. Give it a look below.

A big thanks goes out to friend at Warner Bros. and Media Profile.

P.S. arriving home around the same time you left on the following day is not cool. Awake 24hrs straight sucks.

The Social

Cavemen Guarded the Entrance

They just wouldn’t leave

Inside the Social

Michelle and Natasha from Space TV

Steven Strait and yours truly.

Steven, Karen and the WB Family

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