Warner Bros. Press Event: Q2 2008

The wonderful folks at Warner Bros. once again welcomed the EyeCraveDVD.com team for another one of their Press Appreciation Events and thus exposing us to the slate of Q2 titles they have for you… our readers.

With press decked out Sinatra style and ready to gamble away Warner’s money for a chance to win some swank door prizes the press was treated to a presentation showcasing some pretty sweet sets coming to DVD and Blu-ray over the next three months.

Check out the rest inside… I learned very quickly that Blackjack is the only casino game I’m decent at. I lost pretty much everything in minutes playing Roullette as did the others who attended the -party- Appreciation Event with me. However, at Blackjack things were different. Down to my last set of chips I started winning a few hands and ended up winning a few tickets in the last few minutes.

I know you don’t care about my gambling skills and only about the wicked stuff WB is prepping to invade your home theatre, but you’re going to have to wait as Jeff also hit the scene in Vancouver and wanted to show off a few pics. Click Here to see all images from the event.

Now, let’s hit the highlights shall we?

As the event was Sinatra themed we’ll kick things off with ol’ blue eyes. WHV is essentially releasing all Sinatra material they have, and even some they don’t, on May 13th in a whack of boxsets. First up there’s The Golden Years Collection, which will contain The Man with Golden Arm, None But the Brace, Some Came Running, The Tender Trap, and Marriage on the Rocks. Of course, you can’t talk Sinatra with out The Early Years which means some Double Dynamite, It Happened in Brooklyn, Step Lively, Higher and Higher and The Kissing Bandit.

I know some of you are thinking… What about Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly? Well, Warner Bros. didn’t forget about that so of course we have the Sinatra and Kelly Collection which will be filled with On The Town, Take Me Out to The Ball Game, and Anchors Aweigh.

No Sinatra collection is complete without the Rat Pack. Therefore, Warner Home Video has put together the Ultimate Collector’s Edition and even raided Fox Home Entertainment vault to ensure they got them all. So, we’ve got the original Ocean’s Eleven, 4 for Texas, Robin and the 7 Hoods and Sergeants 3.

The other big collection coming from WHV is Dirty Harry in an all-new 7-disc (6-BD) Ultimate Collector’s Edition on June 3rd. Yup, Harry Callahan breaks out the 44-magnum once again in Dirty Harry (2-Disc SE), Magnum Force, The Enforcer, Sudden Impact, Dead Pool, and a Bonus Disc – “Client Eastwood: Out of the Shadows” (not included in the BD set). Check out the “MONEY SHOT” of the packaging below.

They also talked about some of the other titles like 10,000 BC on June 24th, Fools Gold on June 3rd, The Bucket List on June 10th, and P.S. I Love You on May 6th. There’s a bunch more titles and I’ll work on bringing you part 2 sometime before Q3 comes along.

Once again a big thanks goes out the Chris for inviting us into the Warner family even if only for an evening. Oh ya, Joey Season 2 will be coming out. Don’t forget to add to your list, but then again it’s only available in Canada. ‘Cuz we love Joey in the snowy North.

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