Double Dip: Casino Royale

I’m in utter shock that Sony owned MGM is planning to re-release the Bond reboot Casino Royale again on DVD. Who would have thought that with the next film in the Bond series, Quantum of Solace, about to be released in November that we’d see the last film on the silver platter again so soon? Keep on reading to get the deets…

Casino Royale will reappear in an all-new 3-disc edition.

As far as extras you can expect to see pretty much that was on the original release: Bond Girls Are Forever, Becoming Bond, and James Bond for Real. New to this release are: The Road to Casino Royale, Paying Taxes, Rescue and Recovery, Old Boyfriend?, James Bond in the Bahamas, The Art of the Freerun, Death in Venice, Catching a Plane: From Storybaord to Screen, Ian Flemming: The Secret Road to Paradise, a music video (suspecting Chris Cornell’s opening tune You Know My Name), filmmaker profiles, storyboards, and deleted scenes.

The film will be presented in its original OAR (2.40:1) and will likely boast a Dolby Digital 5.1 track. So save up those pennies for June 3rd when this 3-disc version will hit the street.

Does this also mean a Blu-ray double dip is in the works? Only time will tell, but until then…


The final question is… Can we expect the previous 20 Bond films to be re-released for the 53rd time?

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