Batman Begins Coming To BluRay Too!

As reported on this site on March 14th, an upcoming Batman animated project will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray. This is a tie-in for the next live Batman movie. The animated movie is called Batman: Gotham Knight which will be comprised of 6 short stories in an Anamatrix type anime-style.

Further to that Warner Home Video will release Batman Begins on Blu-Ray July 8 to coincide with the release of the next live Batman movie: The Dark Knight on July 18th.

Click on the link for more details. Source Home Media Magazine

“Warner Home Video will release Batman Begins on Blu-ray Disc July 8 (prebook June 3) in anticipation of the July 18 theatrical release of its sequel, The Dark Knight. The HD DVD version of the movie is one of the fading format’s top sellers.

Two Blu-ray editions are in the works: a single-disc version at $28.99, and as part of a limited-edition gift set at $49.99. The gift set also includes a Batman Begins motion art lenticular, exclusive photos, script pages, storyboards, five collectible Batman Begins postcards and $7.50 in movie cash toward a Dark Knight ticket. Both the standalone version and gift set Blu-ray releases include an exclusive comic book prologue to The Dark Knight.

Warner also will re-release Batman Begins on DVD, re-packaged as a $39.92 gift set that includes a 128MB Batman flash drive, the collectible postcards and movie cash. A Warner spokesperson said the DVD includes all the content from the 2005 two-disc special edition DVD set. ”

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