Wonder-Con: Get Smart Panel

I had the pleasure of seeing the Get Smart Panel over at Wonder-Con, we learn a bit about upcoming episodes of The Office, and how awesome Steve Carell is, and what’s it’s like to work with Steve Carell. And what it’s like directing Steve Carell. I bet you get the feeling that this was less a Get Smart Panel and more of a Steve Carell panel. But good times were had nonetheless. Read on to hear more about Steve Carell!



The panel started with a short clip of strung together hilarious clips, that if I had to explain here would not be nearly as funny, so I’ll leave it at this: I wasn’t looking forward to Get Smart until I saw these clips! The audience was in stitches for much of the 30-min panel.

The Q&A was quite a treat. We find out that Carell just got back from jury duty, so we can look forward to an episode of The Office where Michael (the boss) will have to server jury duty! Most of the questions were directed at Carell, but we did get a good laugh when somebody said “I have a question for Anne” then a big sigh from the audience as almost to collectively say ‘Finally!”, The person then asked “What was it like to work with Steve Carell?”, and the audience let out a big roar!

Get Smart features lots of improv, which Carell is most well known for, but Hathaway commented that she was nervous about, but said she was ok at. Carell then went on to shower her with comments about how great she really was.

There was one off color comment where somebody said, “[Steve] You should’ve been The Joker” this got him booed, hissed, and left the panel in an awkward silence. Steve still tried to answer his question, off mic, but where was the pre-screening for these questions?

My initial impressions of Get Smart are that it’s going to be a laugh out loud, slap stick, old school comedy; Which Carell does really, really well. Gone are the days of Dan In Real Life, sometimes a comedian just needs to test a different style to get back to his roots. Let’s just hope Carell is back to his core in Get Smart. Keep checking EyeCaveDVD.com for updates!

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