Walk All Over Me Coming in May

Mongrel Media will be releasing Walk All Over Me on DVD this May. The film stars Leelee Sobieski and Battlestar Gallactica‘s Tricia Helfer.

Head inside for more details, a few pics, and the DVD Cover Art..

Arriving from a small town, a young woman looks up the only person she knows in Vancouver, and learns she is doing very well as a full-time dominatrix. Thinking it is a route she herself can exploit for some fast cash, she selects a potential client, only to find he is being pursued by three very bad men, who will stop at nothing to retrieve a large sum of money they believe he has stolen from them. The young woman suddenly finds herself both in the middle and in the way.


Late one night, from a roadside convenience store where she works, Alberta (Leelee Sobieski) escapes an abusive relationship – and the small town of Coledale – by hiding on a bus passing through and taking it wherever it is going. The destination, it turns out, is Vancouver, where Alberta only knows one person – Celene (Tricia Helfer), a woman who used to babysit her when she was younger.

Although Celene is not overjoyed to have Alberta unexpectedly drop in on her, she agrees to let her stay until she can get back on her feet.

A job at a local supermarket is a start, but it pays nowhere what Celene pulls in as a full-time dominatrix – three hundred dollars an hour – not a bad wage, thinks Alberta. She is one small step away from impersonating her roommate and she is pretty sure she should be able to pull it off. She can be bossy while wearing leather—she could even wield a whip for these weirdoes. How hard could it be?
Only the first and only customer she arranges to meet, Paul (Jacob Tierney), isn’t all that weird actually. He’s young and attractive. Okay, he wants a bit of discipline in his life, but what’s so wrong with that? The two hit it off when Alberta bosses him around over coffee at a local food court and it isn’t long before they find themselves back at Paul’s place, enjoying their strange, sexually charged role-play.

Unfortunately, they don’t count on being interrupted by Rene (Lothaire Bluteau), and brothers Aaron (Michael Eklund) and Isaac (Michael Adamthwaite), a trio of criminals who have travelled clear across the country in search of Paul. They aren’t leaving until Paul hands over the half million dollars Rene is convinced he stole from him. When Paul refuses to fess up to the theft, the men resort to what they do best – painful physical intimidation.

Alberta, no longer in charge, suddenly finds herself unnoticed as the men focus their attention on Paul. She escapes to Celene’s home, leaving an unconscious and bloody Paul behind. She also believes the trio of thugs has no way to locate her.

But the following day Rene tracks Alberta to Celene’s house, convinced that she must have their money. When Celene arrives, she too is pulled into Alberta’s dangerous mess. Only Celene’s self-defence skills and Alberta’s adrenaline-powered panic allow them to overpower Rene.

With Rene securely fastened to a bondage chair, the girls pause long enough to wonder what to do next. Alberta wants to go back to Paul’s, naively hoping to rescue him. But Celene, ever pragmatic, will hear none of it. That changes when Alberta tells her that Paul might hold the key to a very large chunk of change.
The unlikely pair devises a convoluted plan to separate the brothers, just long enough to somehow rescue Paul and take their share of the money.

But things rarely go as planned…

The special features are yet to be confirmed, but to tide you over until we get our hands on them here are a few photos. Visit the films official site for more.

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