Festival darling LARS AND THE REAL GIRL the whimsical story of Ryan Gosling and his inflatible girlfriend, Comes to DVD April 15. Check out the details from Sony inside!

TORONTO, ON (February 27, 2008) – Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Canada and Equinoxe are releasing the quirky Lars and the Real Girl, a heartfelt comedy about love found and lost. Starring Ryan Gosling (Half Nelson; Fracture; The Notebook), Patricia Clarkson (Goodnight and Good Luck, The Station Agent, Six Feet Under) and Emily Mortimer (The Pink Panther, Match Point) Lars and the Real Girl arrives on DVD April 15, 2008.

Director Craig Gillespie and writer Nancy Oliver presented the peculiar and
jaw-dropping world of Lars to the world at the Toronto International Film
Festival in September 2007 and the Boston Film Festival where it received
standing ovations.

With an outrageous premise, Lars and the Real Girl is about a sweet-hearted
man and the community that supports him. Ryan Gosling gives a dazzling performance as Lars Lindstrom, an extremely shy young man living in a small
Midwestern town where everyone has affection for him. He purchases a sex
doll online and proceeds to introduce her to his brother and sister-in-law as his girlfriend. Despite the concerns of his friends and relatives, a local doctor notes that since Lars otherwise has a highly functional personality that threatens no one, this delusion is a sign that he is working through some personal issues and his loved ones should play along in the meantime. With some persuasion, the entire town eventually participates as well with growing enthusiasm for this unusual, but enjoyable, activity as Lars continues to pursue what he perceives as a deep and meaningful relationship with the doll.

LARS AND THE REAL GIRL debuts on DVD April 15 with a 2.35:1 AW transfer, Dolby audio and extras TBC.




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