Wonder-Con: Justice League: The New Frontier

I had the opportunity to sit down with Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke (who was sketching during the interview… which had me geeked to no end) to talk about the premiere of Justice League: The New Frontier. I was able to record these interviews with these legends. So, let’s kick things off with Bruce talking about why he decided that New Frontier would be the next direct to DVD movie that he would tackle: Click here to listen.

When Darwyn was asked about what he thought of his “baby” being transferred to a movie he had this to say (with supervising producer Michael Goguen piping up part of the way through). Not only that we also get a story about Bruce and Darwyn working on the Batman TV series! Click here to listen

After the premiere of Justice League: The New Frontier the panel did a short Q&A that didn’t yield many good questions. The general vibe after the Premiere was stifled, partly because it was the last panel of the day, and partly because the audio and video for the movie weren’t that great and definitely did not do it justice. The panel commented on this, but that still didn’t break the judgment of the crowd, with many people getting up before the Q&A to leave. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and will definitely be picking this up tomorrow on DVD (Tuesday the 26th).


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