GONE BABY GONE on February 12

GONE BABY GONE, the highly acclaimed and award-winning directorial debut of Ben Affleck, comes to DVD and Blu-ray on February 12! Based on Dennis Lehane’s gripping novel of the same name, GONE BABY GONE stars Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan as detectives tracking a missing 4 year-old girl in the back streets of Boston. With a supporting cast including Ed Harris, Morgan Freeman, and the Oscar-nominated Amy Ryan (Best Supporting Actress), this was one of the best reviewed films of the year.

The film will be presented in 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen with 5.1 DDS. Details on the extras are forthcoming, though the disc will feature a Spanish language track and French and Spanish subtitles.

Don’t miss out on this riveting and emotional tale from the novelist of MYSTIC RIVER, and the man behind the Oscar-winning GOOD WILL HUNTING, Ben Affleck.

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