HD DVD Harry Potter to Feature First-Ever ‘Community Screening’ Function

Touting the web interactivity of HD DVDs – Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will debut a new web based feature – Live Community Screening. From ‘The Look and Sound of Perfect – HD DVD’ website comes this announcement: “Watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix with the cast of Dumbledore’s Army in resounding Dolby® TrueHD audio. HD DVD features bring Harry’s world–and his fans all over the world–right into your home. Immerse yourself in a world of magic with HD features, such as a network connection and compelling interactive features. Focus Point featurettes and pop-up Fun Facts bring Harry’s magical world–and the magic behind its making–directly into the movie. A trove of fascinating behind-the-scenes featurettes are sure to enchant. Download exclusive ringtones and wallpaper right to your cell phone. Use your Pick Your Favorite Scenes buddy list to send your most treasured clips to your friends. And best of all, invite fellow Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix fans to your very own Live Community Screening for an experience they’ll never forget!” Click to see the full story for a more details on all these features. From ‘The Look and Sound of Perfect – HD DVD‘ website: Live Community Screening Gather your own army of fellow wizards for a live community screening party. Invite other owners of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix HD DVD to simultaneously watch from their own internet-accessed players and text with your remote, PC or cell phone. When you host an invitation-only viewing, you control the film by pausing and playing the feature on everyone’s machine. You can chat live with your friends as you watch. In Movie Experience: Focus Points Watch the movie with the cast of Dumbledore’s Army! Get behind-the-scenes stories from the actors themselves with this fantastic feature. Watch in-depth interviews and commentaries using Picture-In-Picture (PIP) technology as the movie plays, including “Focus Point” featurettes, “pop-up” Fun Facts, and memorable moments and personal perspectives shared directly with you. It’s like hanging out and seeing the movie with Dumbledore’s Army! Focus Point featurettes: Dementors at Little Whinging, Grimmauld Place, Tonks’ Face Transformation, The Ministry of Magic Atrium, Neville’s Cactus, Rupert’s Giggle Fits, The Paper Swallow, Umbridge’s Spies, Professor Umbridge, The Thestrals, Hog’s Head Tavern, The Room of Requirement Door, The Room of Requirement, The Inquisitorial Squad, Harry and Cho Under the Mistletoe, Kreacher, Azkaban Prison, The Mirror Explosion, Grawp, The Weasleys’ Fireworks Display, The Explosion of Decrees, The Centaurs of the Forbidden Forest, The Centaurs Take Umbridge, The Thestral Flight, The Hall of Prophecy, The Choreography of Magic, A Wizards’ Duel: Voldemort vs. Dumbledore Pick Your Favourite Scenes Pick your favorite scenes from the movie and send the list to your buddies; and if they have their own HD DVD, they will be able to review and rate your scene list. Will your favorite scenes make it on the featured list as the highest rated? Mobile Downloads: Ringtones and Wallpaper Take the magic of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix wherever you go! Connect your player to the Internet and use our HD DVD’s Web-enabled portal to purchase cool Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix wallpaper and ringtones for your cellular phone. Harry Potter And The Order of the Phoenix is scheduled for release on Dec 11, 2007.

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