EyeCraveDVD.com has been privy to attend many Warner Bros. Press Appreciation Events. Usually themed to one specific title, but this time they had way too many titles to choose and themed the party to suit multiple titles and added a little Halloween fun. New EyeCraveDVD.com team member Derek and I set off for Toronto to meet up with Louis, Jonathan, and Vern… In case you haven’t read our earlier reports on these WB Events we usually have an eight hour round trip to attend a 3-4 hour event. As we made our final approach into Toronto we learned of a few major accidents and shifted our route accordingly. We ended up on the world famous Yonge St. and little did we know we couldn’t turn right on our intended street destination. However, that little tidbit turned out to be a blessing in disguise as we ended up bypassing our venue only to end up on a street that not only had a parking lot close to our venue, but was literally across the street from the Velvet Underground in Toronto. The only thing I was disappointed about was that it was at ground level and not really underground as the club’s title suggests. Rather than explain everything that was there you can check out this video which has a walkthrough of the venue as well as two interviews; one with Toshiba about HD DVD as well as with our main PR man at WB who dropped a huge exclusive on our laps. I’m not going to tell any more than that… stay tuned to the end to find out. *Note: We had some issues with the video. It’s been broken up and is now in two parts. A tour of the venue is part 1 and part 2 contains the interviews with Toshiba and WB. Until next time… stay safe and keep on buying WB titles… (many more pictures have arrived)

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