Return to ‘RETURN TO HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL’ on Oct 16th!

Beware of the Terror that Resides Behind Locked Doors.Discover True Evil on DVD October 16, 2007Starring Amanda Righetti, Erik Palladino, Cerina Vincent, Tom Riley, Andrew Lee Potts, Steven Pacey and Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Vannacutt*Released simultaneously in Rated, Unrated and HD/BD versions with special features including alternate endings, character confessions, and much more.The HD/BD format will also feature never-before-seen Navigational Cinema technology.

BURBANK, CA, September 25, 2007 – Warner Premiere, the direct-to-consumer production arm for Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Home Video, creaks open the doors for the highly anticipated sequel *Return to House on Haunted Hill,* produced by Joel Silver’s genre banner, Dark Castle Entertainment. A roller-coaster ride of terror, the film exhumes the evil spirit of Dr. Vannacutt and his diabolical nurses and orderlies. Unimaginable horrors are unleashed on a whole new group of unsuspecting victims on October 16, 2007, just in time for Halloween. Made for those who ‘think’ they can handle a slaughterhouse of blood, gore and terror, the film will be released in R-Rated, Unrated and HD/BD Unrated Disc versions.From award-winning director Victor García (‘El Ciclo’), ‘Return to House on Haunted Hill’ features an ensemble cast including Amanda Righetti (“Entourage,” “The O.C.”), Erik Palladino (“CSI,” “Over There,” “ER”), Cerina Vincent (“Bones,” “Toxic,” “Cabin Fever”), Tom Riley (“I Want Candy”), Andrew Lee Potts (“Primeval”) and Steven Pacey (“Spooks”). Horror icon Jeffrey Combs (“House on Haunted Hill”) reprises his role as the evil Dr. Vannacutt.”Return to House on Haunted Hill” is a thrilling, edge-of-the seat ride that will allow fans to unleash their imaginations in the same vein as the original Vincent Price film, appealing to true die-hard horror fans,” said Diane Nelson, President of Warner Premiere. “This is the first title tied to the Warner Premiere partnership with Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment and the hands-on guidance of Joel and director Victor García has delivered a truly entertaining horror film unlike what has been seen before from direct-to-DVD titles. We are prepared to deliver a truly unique DVD with never before used Navigational Cinema technology to offer an interactive viewing experience supported by a comprehensive strategic marketing campaign to ensure success.””Return to House on Haunted Hill” is a sequel to the theatrical hit “House on Haunted Hill”, a remake of the Vincent Price horror classic from 1959. “House on Haunted Hill” (1999) starred Geoffrey Rush, Famke Janssen, Taye Diggs, Peter Gallagher, Chris Kattan, Ali Larter and Bridgette Wilson. The story revolved around a millionaire who offers a group of diverse people $1,000,000 to spend the night in a haunted house with a horrifying past. The film had a box-office gross of $41MM, and has sold-through over 1.1MMDVD units to date in the U.S.”Timing is the key to all success and it is due time to unlock the doors to the ‘House on Haunted Hill’ franchise with this technologically advanced sequel for Halloween. WHV has planned an extremely targeted marketing and promotional campaign that will drive awareness, as well as take advantage of this exciting time when high-def applications can be used in new ways to appeal to tech fans who want more from their DVD entertainment,” said Jeffrey Baker, General Manager and Senior Vice President of WHV Theatrical Catalog. “Our sales team will be providing incentives tailored specifically to retailers’ unique needs, which will allow for increased visibility in-stores. Additional marketing and promotional strategy will heighten consumer awareness and anticipation for the title.”
“Return to House on Haunted Hill” will be available as an Unrated DVD for $27.99 SRP. Both the R-Rated version and the Unrated version will be available in Widescreen formats. The HD/BD Unrated Disc will be available for $34.99 SRP. SYNOPSISSarah Wolfe was the only living survivor from the massacre at the Vannacutt Mansion, but no one believed her claims that ghosts were responsible for the gruesome murders that took place there. Now her recent and questionable suicide leaves her sister, Ariel, no choice but to devote herself to finding out who – or what – was responsible for her death. Ariel discovers that Sarah sent her the diary of the sadistic Dr. Vannacutt just before she died, offering clues to the diabolical evil that resides within the house. But the diary also makes Ariel a target in a deadly treasure hunt that leads a group don’tof unwitting victims back to the Vannacutt Mansion, reawakening the terror imprisoned within the house on the hill.This time, the house and the evil spirits inside are out to make sure that no one leaves alive.DVD ELEMENTSUnrated Version: The DVD release of “Return to House on Haunted Hill” – Unrated version is filled with terrifying special features including:- Return to House on Haunted Hill Additional Scenes- Character Confessions: Return to House on Haunted Hill Confessionals- The Search for an Idol: Dr. Richard Hammer’s Quest- Mushroomhead Music Video Simple SurvivalHD/BD Version:The DVD release of “Return to House on Haunted Hill” HD/BD Version will also feature interactive state-of-the-art Navigational Cinema which allows viewers to select alternate film sequences throughout the movie as it plays, enabling them to virtually create their own, personal film experience.BASICS”R” Rated and “Unrated” DVD Price: $ 27.99 SRPHD/BD “Unrated” DVD Price: $ 34.99 SRPStreet Date: October 16, 2007Languages: English, Spanish”R” Rated DVD Catalog # 114675″Unrated” DVD Catalog # 114676HD “Unrated” DVD Catalog # 116989BD “Unrated” DVD Catalog # 117460

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