Did Blu-ray’s Extra Copy Protection Backfire?

Reports are now pouring in all over the web about the first BD+ titles that hit the streets this past Tuesday are experiencing playback difficulties. BD+ is Blu-ray’s extra layer of copy protection, which they claim will take 10 years to crack. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Day After Tomorrow not only mark the re-emergence of the once dormant Fox Home Entertainment, but two of the first titles to feature BD+.Read on for more… So far the majority of the reports point to two Samsung players (BDP-1000/1200) and LG’s BH100. There are reports of long load times and multiple resets that are plaguging the other players. Reports also state that firmware updates should resolve the issue. So far it seems the PS3 is still the safest best when it comes to playing Blu-ray title even if it can’t pass through the new HD audio codecs through the HDMI output.

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