Lock Phasers on HD Target!

With the impending release of Season One of the Original Star Trek on HD DVD, Toshiba is hoping to entice fans to beam aboard the HD DVD platform by sweetening the pot with a phaser shaped TV remote. The promotionThe promotion runs from November 20th through to February 29, 2008, however the phasers will only be available as supplies last. Those who have pre-ordered the box sets will still qualify, however you must purchase your HD-DVD player during the promotion period (11/20/07-2/29/08). You will be able to combine the free phaser promotion with Toshiba’s ‘5 free movie’ promotion and if you buy one of the 3rd generation machines (coming out in October) you will get 2 additional movies already in the box (Bourne Identity and 300). Each box of the HD DVD boxset will contain a an insert with more details and instructions on how to get your remote (The insert will also be available on ToshibaHDDVD.com).

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