Hot on the heels of the announcement that Anchor Bay will be rereleasing Lamberto Bava’s DEMONS and DEMONS 2 comes the announcement of the HELLRAISER: 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION!!! That’s right missing links and disbelievers!Clive Barker’s greatest mindwarp creation is coming back to DVD in a big way, courtesy the folks at Anchor Bay and their awe-inspiring ANCHOR BAY COLLECTION banner that has given us such monumental 80’s cult hits as RE-ANIMATOR and PHANTASM.HELLRAISER: 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION will street on October 23 and feature a newly ‘optimized’ audio and video presentation (I can only presume AW and 5.1 DDS), interviews with stars Andrew Robinson and Ashley Laurence, composer Christopher Young and Pinhead hisself – Doug Bradley. Also look for audio commentaries with Clive Barker, Ashley Laurence and screenwriter Peter Atkins; New documentary featurettes; Domestic and International trailers; TV Spots; Numerous still galleries; first and final draft screenplays and more. There is also a rumor of a very special ‘easter egg’ for Hellraiser fans and some kickass new packaging. Check it out, October 23!

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