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Another heapin’ helpin’ of genre DVD cool-a-funk-ilarity!Including… That’s right mio bambinos e bambinas…Anchor Bay and STARZ Entertainment are re-releasing the classic splatterfest couplings of Lamberto Bava and the Master of Horror, Signore Dario Argento! DEMONS and DEMONS 2!! Released as separate titles with brand spankin’ new 1.66:1 Anamorphic Widescreen transfers and extras including trailers, commentaries with Bava and FX artist Sergio Stivaletti and behind-the-scenes footage on the original film. Relive the awesome 80’s terror on Septemnber 25th! A mere week away!!! Don’t miss it!!!Our pals over at MTI have a pair of flicks for ya… First up is the Sci-Fi Actioner DISPLACED starring Mark Strange, Stephanie Fend and the voice of Sir Ian McKellen in the story of a humanoid alien teaming with a British soldier to find the alien’s captive father and foil the plans of a nefarious paramilitary group. This one will be presented in 16×9 AW with 5.1 DDS, featurettes, deleted scenes, a photo gallery, Spanish subs and trailers. Check it out October 16!!On October 30, just in time for Halloween is the horror-iffic craziness of STUDY HELL, wherein a former Army Cap’n turned High School teacher snaps and goes Colonel Kurtz on the school. His students are the only chance to bring him down and save the student body… 4×3 Widescreen, with Spanish subs and trailers. This one’s got some good word of mouth – so pick it up and toss it on for All Hallows…Heretic films brings Alan Rowe Kelly’s THE BLOOD SHED starring Indie stalwarts Josh Nelson, Terry M. West, Susan Adriensen, Zoë Daelman Chlanda and Alan Rowe Kelly himself. This is a fun throwback/satire of the 70’s style inbred-cannibal-maniac-family subgenre. Details are soon to follow, but the award-winning schlock-o-rama will be available on October 30.Tempe DVD has set November 20 as the date for the next instalment in their popular Sinema 5-pack line with QUEER FEAR, featuring 5 crazy Tempe titles in a new low-price box set. This one will feature OCTOBER MOON, GIRLFRIENDS, SOMETHING TO SCREAM ABOUT, JULIA WEPT and the very first BAD MOVIE POLICE release, GALAXY OF THE DINOSAURS.Finally, SRS Cinema has a couple of their trademark hardcore horrors announced for early 2008… nothin’ like startin’ early!January 8 will see the release of writer/director Steve Looker’s twisty suspense-thriller SCARRED, which follows a man looking for his kidnapped daughter who, a year after her disappearance, finds a strange man stumbling in the roadway who claims to know what happened to her… And January 15 sees the release of the schlock satire flick THE DUNGEON OF DR. DRECK. Centering around the early 60’s proliferation of late night ‘horror host’ programs, DR. DRECK features a pair of these hosts running amok as they wreak vengeance on a nasty TV personality who lets her jealousy interfere with their show…This one will feature interviews, photos, bloopers and a free pair of ‘spook specs’ glasses for viewing the special ’27 Spooks’ section of the film. Seems like a kick-ass old school good time to me! Save those Xmas GC’s for this one!

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