A Mighty Hurricane of Genre DVD!

Holy Shnikeys! I’ve been saving up to give you a good heaping helping of Genre goodness to sink your wooden teeth into… and here it is!News on MASTERS OF HORROR! A freaky urban ghost story from MTI! Crazy Swedish grindhouse action! BANNED! Underground Cannibal Mania! BiFF JUGGERNAUT! And a double feature of Vampiric proportions from Tempe DVD!! First up, our friends at Anchor Bay will be unleashing more of the Emmy and Saturn Award-winning series MASTERS OF HORROR. On September 18, look for two new entries in the series:SOUNDS LIKE is a psychological terror-fest about a call centre supervisor whose hearing becomes superhumanly acute following the death of his son. Madness and solid horrorific entertainment are sure to ensue when every sound becomes a roaring cacaphony of torture! Starring Chris Bauer and Laura Margolis, this one is described as THE CONVERSATION meets The Tell-Tale Heart! The DVD will feature a 1.77:1 AW transfer, audio commentary from director Brad Anderson (who also helmed the awesome SESSION 9), a making-of featurette, an exploration of the ‘unique’ sound effects employed in the film, a photo gallery and a DVD-Rom script.Streeting with SOUNDS LIKE is director Peter Medak’s THE WASHINGTONIANS, a gruesome tale of revisionist American revolutionary history and the possible uses for wooden teeth. When the secret truth behind George Washington and his fabled teeth threatens to see the light, a group of hardcore ultraviolent historians set out to quash the truth – by any means necessary! Starring Jonathan Scaech and Saul Rubinek, THE WASHINGTONIANS sounds like a whole powdered wig full of scream-inducing tastiness! Look for the requisite 1.77:1 AW transfer and audio commentary (this one with Medak and star/co-writer Scaech), along with a making-of, an makeup effects featurette, photo gallery and script.On September 11, look for MTI Home Video’s latest ghost story, THE HAUNTING OF #24, the highly acclaimed Brit thriller written and directed by Sean Hogan. The plot sounds like tha old standard ‘creepy house’ bit, complete with strange noises, crazy old lady next door and unexplained nightmares. However, word-on-the-street has it that this is one chillingly atmospheric, slow-burn, sneak-up-and-stick-you-quietly-in-the-lungs-with-a-filet-knife kind of spookfest. I, for one, am foaming at the mouth to see some good, old-fashioned, ghost spookery after the recent glut of gorror-porn. This will be presented in Anamorphic Wide with 5.1 DDS, spanish subs and trailers. CHECK IT OUT!The folks over at SRS Cinema have a couple of exploitative gems ready for Halloweenin’, starting with the October 16 release of the infamous gore-fest URBAN FLESH. This Canadian flick was BANNED! In Canada, the UK and even friggin’ Germany!!! (where they have something called a shiesse film… I’ll just let you google that one…)The story follows a group of cannibal thrill-killers stalking the streets of a big-city (Montreal) looking for victims. The victim they come across just happens to be the wife of the detective that’s chasing them! This has been described as one of the most vile, disgusting and disturbing films ever made, so it will make many people very happy to finally grab it on DVD! With interviews, bloopers, trailers and more, this is sure to please the hardcore freak on your Halloween list.Coming on October 23 from SRS is the Swedish ‘grindhouse’ flick THE UNKNOWN. Basically an ‘alone in the woods’ flick, this one follows a trio of pals who come across a car accident on a lonely stretch of road. Looking for help, they stumble across a deserted house, where they are froced to wait til morning. And we all know how that scenario usually works out… THE UNKOWN comes highly acclaimed and well-reviewed as an excellently produced straight-up horror that delivers the goods on all counts. DVD includes trailers, BTS featurettes and more. So if you like your groceries fresh, pick this one up and watch it with your Grandma. BiFF JUGGERNAUT, the MySpace master of self-marketing, has struck a deal with the slightly disturbed gang over at Unearthed Films to distribute LOVECRACKED! THE MOVIE, the tongue-in-cheek ode to H.P.Lovecraft and horror-vignette shows like CREEPSHOW and TALES FROM THE CRYPT. Director Elias promises that the DVD will include a ‘drunk and disorderly’ commentary with cast and crew, as well as new segments and much much more. Look for such fine plays on Lovecraft as RE-PENETRATOR, the softcore version of, yep, Herbert West, Re-Animator… It may not be one you can watch with Grandma, but it sounds pretty goddamn hilarious to me. Check it out ‘early 2008’ and watch for more news here or check out the LOVECRACKED! site for stills, trailers and more!Finally, check out the KINGDOM OF THE VAMPIRE double-bill from Tempe DVD, due on October 30. This new set features Tempe leader and Lo-Bud stalwart J.R. Bookwalter’s original feature KINGDOM OF THE VAMPIRE. This was his first foray into shot-on-video feature filmmaking and proved an inspiration to legions of zero-budget filmmakers to head out with their camcorders and try to make genre flicks. Paired with the 1991 original is the new remake of the film from director Brett Kelly. Both flicks follow the story of young Jeff, a troubled young man whose overbearing mother happens to be the neighborhood bloodsucker and child abductor. Jeff works the night shift just to get away from her for a few hours a day. Jeff falls for a girl named Nina, but whatever will Mommy think of his new girlfriend?Both pics will be remastered with commentary from their respective directors. Sounds like bloody good fun to me! Check out the trailer for the 2007 remake on MySpace.

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