Comic-Con 07 – Day 4

Axel and I slept in and headed out late, wandering down to the Convention center at a leisurely pace, stopping for some Starbucks (Axel has me addicted to some cinnamon latte something) and taking our time.We did some last-day shopping and hit up a few more studios and distributors (including a little place called LUCASFILM!) so we can bring you guys even more news and reviews. Now, if you’re ever at Comic-Con and you want to have a true Geek moment you need to check out Starship Smackdown. Usually it’s all ships that go head to head as the panel and geeks select 16 ships, robots, computers, or super heroes and they battle it out till there is one winner.It was one of the most humorous moments I’ve ever experienced, as panelists Robert Meyer Burnett (director FREE ENTERPRISE), Steve Melching (writer, STAR WARS: CLONE WARS, X-MEN ANIMATED, THE BATMAN), Jeff Bond (editor, Geek Monthly), Daren Dochterman (conceptual designer GET SMART, X2, MASTER & COMMANDER) and Kelly Porter battled out over who should win.Robot Michael Jackson, General Zod, The Defiant (Cisco), Optimus Prime, and the Monolith (from 2001:A SPACE ODYSSEY) among others were up on the board where The Monolith took it this year. It was hilarious listening to the arguments for each choice as they moved along.That was pretty much my day other than buying a bunch of collectibles. We had some dinner, talked shop and reflected on our awesome trip. We’re headed home in the morning, but we’re already looking forward to next year.

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