Comic-Con 07 – Day 3

The afternoon of Day 3 yielded some exciting moments for me. Axel and I went our separate ways to cover different things. You can read about what he did in his post right here… but read on for what happened at the Disney and Marvel Films panel… Being “Press” does not guarantee you access into anything. In fact, using it to attempt to get in to certain rooms seemed to anger the security people. However, a few times I was fortunate enough to get someone who didn’t mind squeezing me into something like at the SUPERMAN DOOMSDAY screening when it did get us seats because we were stuck doing interviews, but more on that later.My late arrival to attempt to enter the Disney panel was fortuitous as I was able to use my press badge to get in as I would not occupy a seat. As I entered the panel introduced someone via satellite. It was Andrew Adamson the director of THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: THE LION, THE WITCH AND THE WAREDROBE. Phew! Made it just in time for PRINCE CASPIAN the second film in the Narnia series, which was one I planned to attend early on.Andrew told us that he won’t be involved with the third film, but introduced the audience to Ben Barnes for the first time. Barnes will be taking on the role of Prince Caspian. We were also told Warwick Davis had a part and showed a clip with a new dwarf character called Trumpkin played by Peter Dinklage. Also, we were showed Reepacheep, a master swordsmouse. Plus, Andrew showed us some animatics and a quickly cut together trailer/scenes cut together just for the audience, which looks awesome and action packed.

Ben Barnes and Andrew Adamson
Both members of the special effects team were there Richard Taylor from Weta and Howard Berger from KNB Efx. Howard showed us a working satyr creature head for a character that will be one of the leads creatures named Tyrus.
Then one of the members of the panel (the producer??) announced plans for a new Narnia film every May starting in 2008 until the novels are finished.Pixar was up next, but a 10-minute break was required to set something up. Once the break ended Andrew Stanton came out to discuss their next film entitled WALL-E. He then rolled a commercial for the little trash compacting robot. There was a website in the commercial I have not had a chance to check it yet, but I’m sure it contains the same commercial we were privy to. He also talked about the dialect and sounds that will be used in the film, as he didn’t want normal human speech.Then Ben Burtt (Star Wars Sound Designer) was brought to the stage were he talked about designing the sound and then played with a soundboard he brought to show us the sounds created for the movie. It was very entertaining for someone interested in all aspects of film. We then got a couple clips of the main robots in the film (Wall-E, Eve, M-O, Auto (leader).
Andrew Stanton
A brief synopsis of the movie is that human kind had to leave earth due to our own negligence of garbage and the Wall-E unit was created to clean up so humans could come back. Humans took off on luxury cruise liner space ships and have because some dependant on robots they’ve turned into couch potatoes on hover chairs (essentially fat blobs with tiny arms and legs). Then we were treated to a 10-minute unfinished version of the film (which still looked better than most computer animated films that are complete), which showed Wall-E going through the garbage and taking out stuff that interests him (btw he’s the last working robot on earth). Andrew also announced a live action element in the film, but it won’t be like HAPPY FEET.Needless to say I was intrigued.Then the Marvel panel commenced and was moderated by someone from He brought out Producers Avi Arad, Gale Anne Hurd and Kevin Feige followed by Louis Leterrier (director), Liv Tyler and Edward Norton to talk about THE INCREDIBLE HULK. It was also announced that Ed wrote the final draft of the film and apparently it’s very good.All we got from this panel was a conceptual image of the Hulk. It looks very, very good.
Louis Leterrier, Liv Tyler, Edward Norton
Up next Jon Favreau once again took the stage with all the producers and introduced the cast for IRON MAN. Up first was Terrance Howard (Jim Rhodes), and Gweneth Paltrow (who just had surgery on her leg) and Robert Downey Jr. came out together. Then the FAV requested the same footage we saw on Thursday be shown again. The main cast hadn’t seen the footage yet and rather than watching the footage again I watched their reaction. It was very cool to see how they responded to it and from the looks of things they were overjoyed.Robert Downey Jr. was hilarious. He cracked jokes nearly the whole panel and had everyone laughing during the Q&A including the panel. They all seemed really passionate about the project. The crowed called for the footage to be shown again and Favreau was all for it. He made them run it again, which despite all the warnings turned up on YouTube (probably a whole 5 minutes after the panel).
Robert Downey Jr. and Gweneth Paltrow
During the IRON MAN panel, THE INCREDIBLE HULK director Louis Leterrier walked out into the press corral. Not one of the other members of press even noticed him. I pulled him off to the side and spoke to him about THE INCREDIBLE HULK and the TRANSPORTER films. Hopefully our conversation turns into a little more as I asked for a set visit in Toronto. He seemed pretty cool with the idea. Keep your fingers crossed and here’s hoping.After the panel I headed back to the hotel for some much needed rest. Axel ran off to party with the Troma crew, so I had the place to myself for awhile and was looking forward to some down time. Day 3 out.

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