Comic-Con: Day 1/2

That’s right kids! Shane-O-Mac and Axel have made it to the show. We had a rough start, what with Shane’s plane starting and stopping, returning and, eventually, arriving in San Diego – a mere 4 hours late!Once we were checked into the scenic downtown Hampton Inn, plans were hatched, schemes were laid out and a battle plan was put into play. This involved the two of us amblin’ on down to the convention centre to stand in line, mill around, drink some tasty bevies and wait for a further 2 hours before ‘Preview Night’ began. At 6pm the doors opened, thousands of attendees bursting into the exhibition hall like an all-devouring amoeba of gargantuan proportions. Throngs of people swarmed through grabbing freebies, snatching at swag. The crowds surged and pulsed and the air was thick with recycled air and the heat of thousands of manic fans seeking deals.Once we had made a few work-related stops, seen a few unbelievable sights and each picked up a few little treats, we commenced to make our way through the crowds, aimlessly observing the goings on and the unbelievable mass of it all.Excellent fun and goodies were to be had everywhere. IFC was giving away cool T-shirts, Weinstein Co. had hats and a chance to win an autographed PLANET TERROR poster! WB had the whole crowd in a frenzy over giant nylon carry-all bags… Master Replicas had CD-Roms. Video games and DVD`s were tossed around like candy. Posters and postcards and flyers and one-sheets were everywhere! Jim Lee and many other great DC artists were signing for fans. Reps and models handed out free items like manna falling from the heavens.Movie replicas, props and artwork were everywhere you turned. Toys and T-Shirts and books and DVD stands as far as the eye could see. It was a tempestuous mix of heaven and hell. And we were loving it, as were the thousands of others filling the building. Now we wait and see what happens on Thursday, where we start off with the DVD sneak peek panel at 11 am and end with a press screening of a Japanese Horror flick ending sometime around 1am!!!Giddyup, young rockers and rollers. We have arrived!-AxelOur pics are here

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