WHV Q3 Press Appreciation Event

On July 17th Jeff and I set off for the big TO once again. I was headed to the Passport authority prior to my departure for Comic-Con which was a scant 8-days away. Expecting to sit in the Passport office the majority of the day, the start was an early one…. read on for the rest of the adventure. By the grace of God the Passport office took approximately 13-minutes. Yes, 13-minutes and I was sent on my way with a guarantee that it would be ready by Friday. That gave us plenty of time to pick up some lunch with Jonathan at Lick’s, where I had one of the best burgers ever made.Next it was off to the Tiger Direct.ca store front to pick up a stick of SD memory. 4GB for $50 is a good deal. At least I saved three thousand dollars in shipping (those dirty bastards). We dropped Jonathan at home and then discovered that exit to the 401W cuts under where we needed to go; essentially another 30-minutes wasted turning around to get back on course. We made it downtown Toronto without any further mishaps and I was able to drop Jeff off at the Eaton’s Centre while I made my way to Moog Audio for the Zoom H4. Who knew it was about 14km round trip from where I parked?I then met up with Jeff again and we headed to Trew Audio to pick up a few other things. Disappointingly they didn’t receive one of the items that I had been waiting for. Once we left there we headed to event that was surely going to be the highlight of the trip. Originally, the trip was to get my passport fixed, but Warner Brothers fortuitously planned the 300 Press Appreciation Event on the same day.When we arrived at the Amsterdam Brewery, it was clear that we were about to experience another memorable evening with our WB host, Chris Lewchuk. Upon entering the gates of hell we had to pass by two Spartan soldiers guarding the door. The WB 300 Hummer met us at the top of ramp. Photos were taken inserting you into a scene from the film.

We met up with our friends from Toshiba once again who had an impressive display set up for all in attendance. And once again we were treated to food and beverage before the presentation began. Little did we know that Warner had something special in store for the crowd. Two did battle in front of us as Spartan and Persian from the Spartan Pankration Academy out of Montreal.
Here’s some video of that battle.
Prizes were distributed by way of a classic party game along the lines of musical chairs, but without the chairs. Who ever held the 300 beach ball when the music stop had to say a quote from the movie or let out a primal scream. I won tickets to see classic rocker John Fogerty in Toronto, but alas I will be unable to attend Jeff (the Jerk) ended up catching the next ball and won himself a HD DVD player and a HD DVD library including 300 and Purple Rain.
The rest of the evening we chatted with our friends from various media outlets including Canada AM, Space, Metro News, and Bruce Kirkland of the Toronto Sun. We once again closed the party and left after the folks from WB.I also came away with a few souvenirs myself including the HD DVD version of 300 and a standup poster, which takes up a significant portion of my HT room.We arrived safely home at 1:30am only having to dodge one raccoon on the way home.I personally wish to extend my gratitude to the folks from WB and Communicor for throwing another wonderful event… and Mani – hook a brother up!

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