DVD NEWSARAMA FEATURES BIG DEMON ACTION! First up today, our friends at Elite have made a couple of announcements relating to the gore-meisters over at Wicked Pixel Cinema…August 14th will see the release of the short-film compilation THE SEVERED HEAD NETWORK which features 8 indie horror shorts directed by the likes of Jason Christ and Eric Stanze and featuring performances by Tommy Biondo, DJ Vivona and Chris Grega. These tales run the gamut from expressionist to verite and cover topics as diverse as relationships, eroticism and something about angels and meat. And I’m sure the gore comes aplenty from these folks. The disc will feature two new intro videos by producer Stanze, as well as featurettes, still galleries and trailers.Check out the trailer on the Wicked Pixel Site *** NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS***Also from Wicked Pixel is Jason Christ’s SAVAGE HARVEST 2:OCTOBER BLOOD sequel to the original 1994 cult hit. This one stars Benjamin Gaa and B-movie Scream Queen Emily Haack in a story involving mass murder, demonic possession and a healthy dose of mystery all wrapped up in a nice gory package with a behind-the-scenes doc, 3 shorts, 3 commentary tracks(??!!), deleted scenes, outtakes, a still montage and trailers. Next on the list, from our good friends at Anchor Bay Entertainment, is the creepfest UNHOLY based on real stories, long-rumored conspiracy and still-enthralling urban legends. Genre legend Adrienne Barbeau joins BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER’s Nicholas Brendon and Joseph McKenna in this ominous tale rooted in the lore of WWII Nazi occultism. Barbeau plays a tormented mother, searching for answers to her daughter’s ‘suicide’. What she finds is a tangled web of bizarre cultish crimes, occult craziness and government dealings in witchcraft and demonic ritual. Check this one out on September 4 with commentaries, trailers, posters and stills.And check out the trailer on the Official SiteAnd finally, the BIG NEWS…Anchor Bay is re-releasing the Lamberto Bava classics DEMONS and DEMONS 2 just in time for Halloween!DEMONS, first released in 1985, was produced and co-written by the Italian Master of Horror, Dario Argento. With his clout, the film became an insant cult hit around the world. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun. 80’s new wavers invited to the grand opening of a new theatre are locked in and massacred when the film begins to possess the audience and people become blood-crazy demons bent on destruction!DEMONS 2, the inevitable sequel, is just as much fun, and features an apartment building full of people watching a documentary on someone investigating the events of the first film. The same Demonic madness ensues and much crazy gore and terror keeps you glued to your seat. This one also features an 11 year-old Asia Argento in her first big screen appearance.Both come available on August 26 in new remastered widescreen transfers and a reduced price.

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