We dropped a little news from our pals at MTI yesterday, regarding AFGHAN KNIGHTS starring Michael Madsen and undead Mongols. Today we ‘ve got three more solid release announcements to light up your 4th of July hangover blues! Numero first, and the one I’m personally looking forward to checking out, is MUSTANG SALLY’S HORROR HOUSE starring 80’s cutie E.G. Daily (Dottie from PEE WEE’S BIG ADVENTURE among many other things). Daily stars as the titular Sally, a whorehouse Madame with dark secrets lurkin’ in her bordello! And when six young college bucks on vacation head over to get their sheepskins mounted, much crazy ensues.Also starring Mark Parrish and Lindsey Labrum, this one looks like more fun than a Southern cathouse having a 2 for 1 sale! Presented in 16:9 Anamorphic with 5.1 Surround, spanish subs and trailers. Check itout on August 7!MOVIN’ TOO FAST streets on August 14 and features lovely ladies Marquita Terry and Layla Alexander as law students on a cross-country road trip that becomes a highway nightmare. Soon the girls find themselves pursued by a mysterious Police car, in a terrifying high-speed race for survival. This one will also be presented in widescreen with behind-the-scenes features, trailers and subs. And who doesn’t want to see a hardcore car chase flicks with beautiful girls on the run from The Man???!!!Finally, on August 28 we get the thriller CONFESS starring HEROES hothead Ali Larter, Eugene Byrrd and the always reliable William Sadler (Death from BILL & TED… know there’s a title for a flick!) CONFESS is the story of a disillusioned hacker who teams up with a gorgeous cohort to bring down the morally bankrupt captains of Industry and Politics, leading to a media frenzy, a rallying to his movement against the power elite and ultimately, facing down the law.This one has director commentary, trailers, subs and bios and will be presented widescreen.

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