A whack of new titles with Vampires, evil twins, Egyptian ghost stories, classic 70’s terror and Michael Madsen fighting the undead Mongol hordes!CHECK IT OUT, YOU MIGHTY BASTARDS! I can’t leave you hanging on that last one…MTI will unleash AFGHAN KNIGHTS on July 31!Michael Madsen stars alongside real ex-Navy SEAL Joey Baker, former North American Kickboxing Champ Vince Murdocco, Steve Bacic and PLATOON‘s Francesco Quinn in the story of an elite Navy SEAL unit going in to extract one of their own from Afghanistan who run afoul of an ancient burial ground and end up fighting off the ghost armies of Genghis Kahn!This one comes 16:9 Widescreen with Spanish subs, trailers and bios.The folks over at Allumination FilmWorks, the new up-and-comer in horror DVD, has announced a July 31 release date for NIGHT JUNKIES, the dark and sexy thriller from writer/director Lawrence Pearce. Described as in the same vein as the cult classic NEAR DARK and TV’s ANGEL, NIGHT JUNKIESYou can check out NIGHT JUNKIES at www.nightjunkies.com for trailer, synopsis and production notes.Fat Cat DVD and our ol’ pals at Tempe DVD have teamed up to bring us the first English language feature from Egypt! Writer/director Ahmed Khalifa brings us WINGRAVE, a supernatural thriller about a parapsychologist facing not only the dead, but his own demons. This one comes loaded with Audio Commentary, a 30-minute making-of featurette, deleted scenes and trailers with a 1.78:1 Anamorphic transfer and souped up audio. Available on September 25!Click HERE for the trailer on MySpaceAnd finally, the ghoulish folks over at SRS Cinema are bringing us a pair of flicks about terrifying twins.September 25 will see the long-awaited release of the 70’s Drive-In fave KISS DADDY GOODBYE starring 60’s popster Fabian with Jon Cedar, Nell Regan and the original ‘Scream Queen’, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE‘s Marilyn Burns! This is a super creepfest/vengeance flick in the best grindhouse tradition. Guy Nicholas lives in seclusion on the Northern California coast with his twin children Beth and Michael. When gun-crazy, violent bikers kill their father in frotn of their eyes, Beth and Michael set out to make them pay, but not in the usual way, These twins have crazy psychic powers which they use to REANIMATE THE CORPSE OF THEIR DEAD FATHER!!!This one is NOT to be missed! Featuring the uncut feature with trailers and photo galleries.And on October 10, just in time to gear up for Halloween, check out THE DEVIANTS from Jake Daniels, director of DARK WOODS. This one follows the Edison twins, two brothers who seem to have it all. When a series of bizarre murders occur, they become prime suspects and Detective Leon Thompson is dead set on proving their guilt. This one features commentary, trailers and a slide show feature. Check out the trailer below!AND THIS JUST IN!!!Also from SRS Cinema for October 9, check out the Mexican horror CURSE OF LA LLORONA! The cover art alone puts this one at the top of my list!It’s a ghost story about a troubled family who band together to save their young niece from the evil La Llorona, an evil entity inhabiting a deserted house.This one features the uncut movie, behind the scenes, stills gallery, deleted scenes, music video and trailers!

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