Another MOVIETHON! Update!

ANOTHER MOVIETHON! UPDATE!NOW WITH 50% MORE HOTTIE!No, not RAMONE!… That’s right, DVD Monkeys!The MOVIETHON! is still rollin’ along, picking up loose debris, lint and pocket change from the under-sofa of the world…Yesterday we got two special Donations!Scott Phillips, mastermind of the ubër-Zombie Apocalypse flick STINK OF FLESH, and the upcoming slashmaniafest GIMME SKELTER! made a donation and sent out some nasty-cool items for our prize bucket.Scott on the set of GIMME SKELTERMany thanks to Scott, and stay tuned for some BIG NEWS on the GIMME SKELTER! Premiere coming soon!Also throwing a little action our way was the ultimate Tromette herself, B-Queen extraordinaire, Ms Tiffany Shepis, who also left this little pic & comment for our readers

1 Jun 2007 6:06Give these crazy kids your money….NOW!!!;P Good luck. xxx, T

Many many thanks to all of our friends and supporters who have us fast approaching the $500 smackers mark.KEEP BRINGIN’ THE LOVE, GANG!A

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