More Anchor Bay Goodies…

Three more great releases from Anchor Bay including 2 more installments of MASTERS OF HORROR!!! First up on June 12th is the MASTERS OF HORROR episode THE SCREWFLY SOLUTION, starring Jason Priestley, Elliot Gould and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s Kerry Norton. This crazy sci-fi horror from director Joe Dante (THE HOWLING and GREMLINS) is an adaptation of a short story by Raccoona Sheldon, and tells the tale of a world gone mad. When a strange virus turns the nations men into murdering psychopaths, bent on killing any women in their path, two scientists race against the clock to find a cure and a woman and her daughter run for the safety of the Canadian wilderness.This one features the usual 1.78:1 AW transfer, a commentray from Dante and screenwriter Sam Hamm (writer of the 1989 BATMAN)a making-of and behind-the-FX featurette, a DVD-Rom screenplay and photo gallery.June 26th brings the tongue-in-cheek slasher-spoof BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON. Set in an alternate Universe where movie maniacs like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees really exist, and have celebrity, cult status, BEHIND THE MASK takes you into the life of young, up-and-coming slasher Leslie Vernon. Vernon agrees to let documentary filmmaker Taylor Gentry (Angela Goethals of SPANGLISH, CSI and 24) have full access to his training rituals and his planning for his big break – the destruction and terrorizing of the sleepy town of Glen Echo. This well-received horror-mockumentary features cameos by Scott Wilson, Zelda Rubinstein and Freddy himself, Robert Englund.This one is stacked with a 1.85:1 AW transfer, cast commentary, making-of and casting featurettes, deleted and extended scenes with commentary, trailers and a DVD-Rom screenplay.Finally, on July 17th, the one I know I’ve been waiting for… MASTERS OF HORROR: THE BLACK CAT, from the director, writer and star of the all-time classic – RE-ANIMATOR! Director Stuart Gordon, writer (and Gothic Literature expert) Dennis Paoli bring us the story of Edgar Allan Poe (played by B-movie GOD Jeffrey Combs), drunk, broke and out of ideas, facing the loss of his beloved wife to the consumption. A mysterious black cat begins to torture Poe as could only happen in Poe and will either lead to his total destruction or one of his greatest literary triumphs.As always, this MASTERS OF HORROR release has an AW transfer, a making-of and effects featurette, photo gallery and script, as well as a very promising commentary track from Gordon and Combs. “Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. “

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