Tops at the Box Office

I knew I should have put money on Harry Potter this past weekend. Not only did it take top spot it also set the record for biggest 3-day openning with an estimated $93.5 million. That beat previous record holder The Lost World: Jurrasic Park, which brought in somewhere around $72.5 million. Here is how the rest played out. 1. Harry Potter Sorcerer’s Stone (93.52m) 2. Monsters, Inc. (23.05m) 3. Shallow Hal (12.70m) 4. Domestic Disturbance (5.60m) 5. Heist (4.67m) 6. The One (4.20m) 7. K-Pax (3.27m) 8. The Wash (3.00m) 9. Life As A House (2.73m) 10. 13 Ghosts (2.19m)

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