TEMPE DVD B-Movie Goodness

Tempe DVD keeps July sizzlin’ with 2 crazy summer sets for the B-movie lovers… July 17 will see the long-awaited release of BEER DRINKERS IN SPACE, the long-rumored garage-flick from Frank Delle and his former Disney cohorts. In 1983, this motley collection of animators, effects techs, and other assorted crewmen banded together to film their own Sci-Fi masterpiece. The result is the highly entertaining, Z-grade, high-camp feature BEER DRINKERS IN SPACE. Follow the adventures of Captain Slosh and his crew of STARTREK meets STAR WARS meets Ed Wood characters. Extras include a new retrospective documentary featuring new interviews with many of the perpetrators, I mean, contributors… Check out the trailer HERE Also available on the 17th is the SCI-FI SINEMA 5 PACK featuring 5 ‘cult classics: PROJECT: VALKRIE, SPACEMEN & GO-GO GIRLS DOUBLE FEATURE, BAD MOVIE POLICE CASE #3: HUMANOIDS FROM ATLANTIS and the Special Edition of Tempe’s signature title POLYMORPH… all for the low, low price of $19.99 SRP…Check out SPACEMEN & GO GO GIRLSHERE

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