In the wake of the success of Rodriquez & Tarantino’s über-awesome GRINDHOUSE, the good old days of sex, drugs and gory violence – exploitation style! – are back. And the good people at BCI are unveiling a new line of Grindhouse classics guaranteed to shock, haunt and entertain! BCI has announced the launch of their new line of DVD releases, WELCOME TO THE GRINDHOUSE, which will bow on July 3rd with the inaugural double-feature releases PICK-UP & THE TEACHER and EVIL EYE & BLACK CANDLES.Both sets will feature new Anamorphic video transfers and a crazy load of Grindhouse-era trailers for the likes of SISTER STREET FIGHTER, THE POM-POM GIRLS and LEGEND OF THE EIGHT SAMURAI.EVIL EYE stars Jorge Rivero, Anthony Steffen and Hollywood legend Richard Conte in a psychological thriller about a man, his nightmares and the murders he may, or may not, have commited. This is a bizarre, surreal and brutal ‘giallo’ style thriller from the Spanish-Italian school of the mid 70’s. BLACK CANDLES aka “Los Ritos Sexuales del Diablo”, a much later entry (1983), is an old-school ‘satanists-on-the-loose’ sex-chiller starring Helga Line and Vanessa Hidalgo, and directed by Jose Ramon Larraz, the man behind the cult-classic VAMPYRES. In the other set, PICK-UP, starring Jill Senter and Alan Long, is a weird psychedelic trip with two young hippie chicks and a dude in a bus who get lost in the Florida everglades. THE TEACHER is a sexy High School romp mixed with a stalker thriller and a crazy vet vigilante flick. This one stars cult princess Angel Tompkins of PRIME CUT, THE DON IS DEAD and THE BEES. It also features Jay North who played Dennis The Menace on TV in the early 60’s.This is the beginning of the project for BCI, who already plan 15 releases to start the line this year, with hundreds of titles in their library to choose from.Check it out at or on July 3 in a store near you.

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