Warner Bros. Press Event: Planet Earth

It was road trip time again as Jeff and I set off for Toronto for the Q2 Warner Bros. Press Appreciation Event – this time highlighting the BBC release of Planet Earth.Keep reading for a description of the event. After getting lost in Brampton… (my mistake), we stopped in at Jonathan’s place to get our game on with some Guitar Hero II before all three of us set off for the Royal Ontario Museum. We arrived fashionably late (though we couldn’t have been that late seeing we saw one of our contacts at the mall where we made a quick bubbly gum stop) to the well decorated Glass Room.Tripping over mountains of HD DVD paraphernalia we made our way to the exotic food and drinks… the purple potato soup was delicious… and mingled with our friends from Warner, Toshiba, various media outlets and our old amigo Bruce Kirkland, who was kind enough to rub in our faces that he’d just interviewed Halle Berry a few weeks prior.Finally, after a goodly amount of hobnobbing, our good friend Chris stepped up to the mic and introduced us to Megan from the BBC. She presented their upcoming DVD releases, highlighted by Planet Earth, which is due out in a few weeks (details on the release below). Another highlight for me personally was the announcement of the first season of Robin Hood. It looks like a top notch TV show and I’m looking forward to checking it out. Plus, BBC announced for the first time last night the Diana: Memories of the Princess and Diana: A Celebration sets.Chris then took the podium one more time to run over a portion of their Q2 titles for 2007. Stay tuned for our crazy news posts to cover the multiple titles coming from Warner Bros. including The Drew Carey Show: S1, Chips: S1, and more…The live monkey we were promised at the last press event didn’t make it so instead we were invited to tour the Wildlife exhibit at the museum which, needless to say, was very interesting.Of course, the EyeCraveDVD team closed the place (with WB and Toshiba) and an excellent night was enjoyed by all. I’m cutting together some video from the evening including some of the presentation and I hope to have it ready by the weekend…Stay tuned for all the DVD news coming over the next few days…Planet EarthNarrated by Richard Attenborough this 5-disc (4 on HD DVD and Blu-ray) features 11 episodes (From Pole to Pole, Mountains, Fresh Water, Caves, Deserts, Ice Worlds, Great Plains, Jungles, Shallow Seas, Seasonal Forests, Ocean Deep) all shot in high-definition.It also includes 90-minutes not shown on the Discovery Channel, and 110-minutes of behind-the-scenes footage. Plus a companion series called Planet Earth: The Future, which runs in the neighborhood of 150-minute.It looks amazing in High Def from the samples we saw that night.

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