70 HD DVDs For ALL

At CES this year HD DVD promised supporters a big year with over 600 titles to be released in 2007. While the current release schedule might not appear to be hitting that 600 titles mark they HD DVD group has something up their sleeves and we’re hoping when the HD DVD Insider Group comes to EyeCraveDVD.com for an Insider Event in May we’ll be able to squeeze some of that juicy detail out of them… perhaps with some tasty snacks.Anyhow, we’ve got a list of 70 HD DVD titles on route from now until July. Check em’ out on the inside… April– Good Shepherd- Smokin’ Aces – A Scanner Darkly – Dog Day Afternoon – School for Scoundrels – The Jerk – Feast – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – Nutty Professor – Failure to Launch – Payback: Straight, The Director’s Cut – The Game May– The Ultimate Matrix Collection – The Complete Matrix Trilogy – Freedom Writers – The Hitcher – Dreamgirls – 40-Year Old Virgin Unrated – Flags of Our Fathers: Special Collector’s Edition – The Hurricane – Mission: Impossible – Mission: Impossible 2 – The Fountain – Smokey & the Bandit – Alpha Dog – The Skeleton Key – The Big Lebowski – Lost in Translation – Black Christmas (2006) – Harsh Times – The Battle of the Bulge – The Road Warrior – The River – Midnight Run – The Frighteners – Dragonheart June– Bruce Almighty – Liar Liar – Coming To America – Born on the Fourth of July – Hustle & Flow – Being John Malkovich – Mallrats – Daylight – The Meaning of Life – Freedom: Vol.1 – Yes Live in Montreux – Santana: Hymns for Peace – Deep Purple: They all Came Down to Montreux – Sneakers – Trading Places – Meet Joe Black – Mystery Men – American Me – The Watcher – Bulletproof July– The Untouchables – Shaun of the Dead – Billy Madison – Cat in the Hat – The Warriors – Dante’s Peak – The War – The Wedding Date – The Bourne Identity – In Good Company – Streets of Fire – Nutty Professor 2 – Scent of a Woman – Darkman – Sea of Love – Deliver Us From EvaSource: AVS Forum and Rope of Silicon

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