Always Will

Our good pals over at MTI Home Video – who are always good for a shockingly good B-movie or a previously undiscovered gem – have just released a little film called ALWAYS WILL Click on to find out the unique and surprising story behind the production. Filmmaker Michael Sammaciccia worked on the DISNEY film HOLES – he was a studio executive (his friend Chip Schofield told him about the successful kids’ book). HOLES was a huge success – Mike left the production company WALDEN MEDIA on a high note… ready to pursue a dream of his own…Mike wrote ALWAYS WILL and decided to bring it to his home town of Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania – to the largest school district in PA… Upper Darby. He formedWINDERMERE PICTURES with Matthew Petrilla and Chip Schofield – all three graduates of UDHS. They had a simple plan: to make ALWAYS WILL!Of course the film was going to be an indie… but as it turns out, it was even beyond indie. In order to get the film made they needed to do something never done before – ask the students to participate in making it! Mike got in frontof 3,000 students and asked if they would help – both on camera, and behind the scenes. The response was overwhelming and FILM CLUB was born!The entire cast was chosen from the large and diverse student body at Upper Darby High School and Hillcrest Elementary School. In order to keep scenes authentic and to fill them with real school kids (necessary for the story towork), they made the shooting schedule around the kids (yes… even dental appointments, practices, and dinner) and their school year (2004-2005).On a daily basis the students brought so much more to the table than ever expected… costumes, props and ideas! This was a new way of filmmaking. They were paving the way – improvising against the ways of a traditional studiosystem… if it’s Fall in the film – it was really Fall… the pep rally was real – nothing was staged.They shot the film with a single camera, minimal lighting and a “Film Club-made” track and dolly rig, Windermere Pictures completed every scene of the family film just one month before the end of the school year. Editing on the fly in his parents’ basement using FINAL CUT PRO and his Mac lap top computer, Mike had a rough cut of the film completed by June, just nine months after he had returned home with a dream. Not only was FILM CLUB a huge success, but they accomplished their goal and made a really great film. ALWAYS WILL and it’s FILM CLUB is a testament to how you can get things done – really anything in this world if you have people who believe.This is the kind of story that doesn’t require a blockbuster opening in 3,000 theatres – it’s the journey and memories these kids will take with them for the rest of their lives that matter. But the story doesn’t stop there… The film hit thefestival circuit last year and was a hit, winning six awards, including the Audience Award at Dances With Films, the Top Applause Award at the International Family Film Festival, and the Best Actor, Best Director, Best Supporting Actress and Best Picture at the Delaware Valley Film Festival. It has played at four film festivals, covering both coasts, to strong reviews. – from the MTI Press releaseCheck out the Official Site at www.AlwaysWillTheMovie.comAnd check out my review HERE

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