Available June 12th from Elite Entertainment, check out super-indie FOREST OF THE DEAD from director Brian Singleton… On a quiet, summer afternoon, a group of friends heads to the isolated campgrounds on Alfred Packer Lake for a weekend of fun. The perfect summer trip turns into a weekend from hell as the friends are brutally slaughtered by an unseen evil, turning into cannibalistic creatures. As a new group of weekenders arrives, they become the new target of terror as an old-school blood bath of gut munching, dismemberment, pitch forking and scalping begins.“Forest of the Dead” features over three hours of bonus footage, including:· “Beyond the Forest”—introduction by Brian Singleton· “Voices of the Dead”—audio commentary with director & cast· “Out of the Dark”—The Making of “Forest of the Dead” featurette· “Behind the Blood”—“Forest of the Dead” Special FX featurette· “Hell’s Bells”—Sound Design featurette· “Return of the Dastardly Zombie Vampire Mummy from Planet X”—early short from Brian Singleton, w/commentary· Eight deleted scenes· Original Trailer· “Zombie Cop vs. The Alien Terror” trailer· Photo galleries· Filmmaker/cast biosClick here for clips on YouTubeAvailable June 12th from Elite Entertainment

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