“CREATURE FEATURES COLLECTION”Elite Entertainment, one of our favorite indie labels and purveyor of fine horror and sci-fi, has announced the June 12th release of a new 3-part documentary delving into the sinister history of the Cinema’s most enduring ‘monsters’ and their influence on pop culture.Check it out, if you’ve got the cojones! From the Elite press release:”From werewolves to bats; aliens to maniacal robots; mummies to zombies. For almost 100 years, the film industry has graced the screen with an eclectic array of movie monsters, and some of those most notable screen legends are highlighted in Elite Entertainment’s “Creature Features Collection.” Originally produced by and featured on Bravo Network, “Creature Features Collection” explores the history of monsters in cinema, and how they relate to the human condition. Each episode—The Beasts, The Machines and The Dead—features an abundance of classic film clips from some of Hollywood’s greatest horror and science fiction films.” The episodes included are:The BeastsEpisode one examines classic and modern horror and science fiction films highlighting man’s transformation into animal. Through clips from such films as “Company of Wolves,” “The Wolf Man,” “Cat People,” “The Fly” and “American Werewolf in London,” we ponder the question of human monsters, unspeakable beasts, and where man ends and animal begins?The MachinesWhen man creates artificial creatures made in his own image, he risks his own destruction. The fear of what’s to come from such robotic replicas is examined through such films as “Metropolis,” “The Terminator,” “Westworld,” “Total Recall” and “Blade Runner.”The DeadDeath has always loved cinema, and it is never idle, as it gets us accustomed to what’s waiting for us all inevitably. The many faces of death, and how it lures us into its world, is examined in such films as “Nosferatu,” “The Mummy,” “Night of the Living Dead,” “Poltergeist,” “The Shining” and “Friday the 13th.”Check out clips on YouTubeThree Episode DVD—The Beasts, The Machines and The Dead—Available June 12th for $14.98 SRP

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