WB Press Event: The Departed

On this past Tuesday, Shane MacDonald – EyeCraveDVD’s fearless leader – started off after a mere 90 minutes sleep and a hasty goodbye to Wife and kids. With Jeffrey M. Reynolds riding shotgun, Shane-O-Mac set out on a four-hour road trip to beautiful downtown Toronto. Sadly, our boys were headed to the big T.O. for a funeral. The Costello family was kind enough, through an invitation tendered by our good friends at Warner Brothers Home Video, to include EyeCraveDVD in the recent remembrance of their dearly departed Francis “Frankie” Costello. Attended by his friends and relations, Francis Costello’s final farewell was presided over by Father P.J. O’Brien, with some solemn words added by Chris Lewchuck. The evening was a fitting memorial to a man who had his fingers in many different pies. The dynamic duo rolled into the wake just as festivities began. An eerie, yet somehow jocular sensation filled the air as the two men stepped past the hearse parked in front of the private entrance of the venue. Exactly what had these two unsuspecting DVD critics gotten themselves into?Entering the building they were greeted with a solemn request to place name and condolences to paper. The guest book was littered with kind words and sorrowful teardrops. Proceeding with caution they were then introduced to the grieving widow, the ex-wife, and the family priest – Father O’Brien. Each expressed their gratitude for the unfathomable journey undertaken by our erstwhile heroes in order to pay their sincerest respects. As Shane and Jeff made their way further into the room their focus was drawn to a picture of the deceased, elegantly displayed on the lid of HIS CASKET!!! Next to Frankie was projected a collection of photographs of his life inter-cut with quotations from some of history’s literary greats. The pair was suddenly overtaken by their grief. For, while they didn’t know Francis Costello well, they knew that to know him was to love him; and to love him was to know him. As Jeff fell to his knees, hands raised in supplication, and Shane wept openly, throwing himself onto the casket, a silent prayer was sent out in memory of Frankie Costello.On behalf of the EyeCraveDVD family, God bless and goodnight, ya filthy animal!Warner Brothers once again lived up to their reputation as Kings of the Home Entertainment industry with their perfectly themed press conference for the upcoming DVD release of THE DEPARTED. Aside from the excellent ambiance and great company, including Toronto Sun film critic Bruce Kirkland, the press event for THE DEPARTED offered a wealth of information on the upcoming release.Martin Scorcese’s latest crime opus, THE DEPARTED stars Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg in a tale of the Boston Mafia and the cops that will stop at nothing to bring them down. THE DEPARTED is nominated for 5 Academy Awards at this years Oscars, including Best Supporting Actor (Mark Wahlberg), Best Director (Martin Scorsese), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing, and Best Picture.In addition to the previously announced specs (which you read here first!) we now have the scoop on some special deals for our Canadian readers and where they can get some primo swag come February 13th!Future Shop will be offering a Limited Edition Steel Book case for the launch on February 13th. Take note that quantities will be limited and this is a one time only exclusive offer.Best Buy will be offering a Limited Edition O-Sleeve Case With Movie Script. Again, quantities will be limited and this will be a one time only exclusive offer.So take your pick of serious goodies and grab a copy of the next big contender, lest Frankie Costello rise from the grave to haunt you the rest of your mortal days, you bastahd!Click here to get The Departed DVD release information.

RIP FrankieShane, Chris, Aksel, and Jeff

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