Blu-Ray / HD-DVD Combo Player!!!!

It’s finally happened!!!!While the HD format war rages, a lot of curious on lookers have been waiting for a day when a company would debut a combo Blu-Ray / HD-DVD format player so that no matter the media, they were covered by a single (and hopefully cheaper) piece of hardware.That day seems to be here, LG is apparently set to debut a combo player at this years CES…For the details, read ahead…**UPDATE – Official Press Release and Image – Expected pricing too** From“LG’s on again / off again combo HD DVD + Blu-ray player is — at least for this week — on again. To recap: After showing the BD199 Blu-ray player at last year’s CES, the company abruptly shelved it and promised a combo player to end the high definition format war. Then this fall the company backed off those plans, reaffirmed its status in the Blu-ray camp and even showed off the BD100 Blu-ray player in London as recently as November. Now LG promises that not only is the dual format player coming, we’ll be able to see it next week at CES. No word on if it contains any of the hybrid hardware we’ve heard so much about in recent months, but the company has promised details on pricing and availability in Las Vegas. With neither format projected to make a large dent in declining DVD sales this year, perhaps an end to the format war is just what they need to get things rolling… or cause more confusion and hesitation amongst potential customers.”So how about that? No word yet on any potential price, but stand alone Blu-Ray players are current sitting at around $1000, with HD-DVD at $600. You would think that any combo-player has to be at least as much. Only time will tell, but we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on the issue.In the meantime, go through our reviews for HD-DVD and Blu-Ray content.UPDATE –LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — Blending the latest technologies and offering unprecedented flexibility to consumers seeking the convenience of playing both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD high-definition content, LG Electronics (LG), a leader in consumer electronics and mobile communications, today launched the groundbreaking “Super Multi Blue” Player at the 2007 International CES® (Booth #8214, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center).Launching in the United States during the first quarter of 2007, this advanced dual-format high-definition disc player, LG model BH100, will be the first player on the market with the capability to play both next-generation disc formats, addressing the challenge of the current format war. The new player is ideally suited to LG’s expanded lineup of Full HD 1080p plasma and LCD HDTVs, delivering best video possible in the highest display resolution format.”We’ve developed the Super Multi Blue Player to end the confusion caused by the current competition between Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD. Customers are no longer forced to choose between the two formats,” said Dr. Hee Gook Lee, president and chief technology officer of LG Electronics. “As Full HD TV is already gaining ground, we are hoping that the Super Multi Blue Player will play the trigger role in expanding and advancing both Full HD TV and high- definition DVD market volume together.”LG Electronics also offers flexibility to consumers in next generation optical disc drives for personal computers. (See separate news release) The GGW-H10N, also available in the first quarter of 2007, is compatible with both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD formats. The Super Multi Blue 50GB drive is compatible with Blu-ray Disc, DVD, CD read/write and HD-DVD-ROM (read), offering the most universal unit available.”We know our customers want high-definition content for their HDTVs. We also know a format war keeps people on the sidelines,” said Mike Vitelli, senior vice president of merchandising at Best Buy. “With this new dual-format player, LG is offering a viable solution to this dispute. This is the kind of customer-focused approach that Best Buy looks to bring to our customers.” Warner Home Video President Ron Sanders added, “We enthusiastically welcome LG’s introduction of the Super Multi Blue high-definition disc player. This is a great first step towards resolving consumer confusion and uncertainty due to the two high-definition formats. The Super Multi Blue Player will allow studios to better meet consumers’ growing demand for high-definition content in both the Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD formats.””By providing a high-definition player that supports both Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD discs, LG is delivering a product that puts the customer first,” said Randy Wick, senior vice president and general merchandise manager of consumer electronics at Circuit City Stores, Inc. “We applaud the LG customer-friendly approach, as it will serve to alleviate customers’ confusion about the two formats.”Michael Ahn, president and CEO of LG Electronics North American Headquarters, echoed comments from Hollywood and leading retailers in support of LG’s dual-format approach. “The American consumers’ love affair with HDTV is now even stronger thanks to LG’s marriage of Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD. What’s more, our player upconverts standard DVDs to 1080i resolution, providing compatibility with consumers’ existing movie libraries while improving the picture quality of those discs, too.”In addition to offering Full HD 1080p picture quality from high-definition discs, the player incorporates interactive functions based on BD-Java, which allows advanced menus and functions to be displayed over the video of Blu-ray discs. And, while the same level of advanced menu interactivity is not available while playing HD DVD discs, the powerful combination of Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD audio-video playback technologies is like no other on the market.The unit supports various A/V formats, including MPEG-2, VC-1, H.264 video, MPEG1/2 audio, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital+, DTS and DTS-HD audio, and includes multiple inputs/outputs such as HDMI out, component/composite video outputs, and optical/coaxial/discrete 5.1 channel audio outputs, among others.The strikingly designed unit incorporates elegant and easy-to-use backlit touch sensor buttons along with an ergonomic remote control that delivers an effortless command of the next-generation home entertainment experience.LG’s Super Multi Blue Player (BH100), available to U.S. consumers during the first quarter of 2007, is expected to sell for about U.S. $1,199.

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