Warner to unleash Total HD??

Leaked a few days before CES 2007 it appears one of the greatest studios involved with DVD will be unleashing a single DVD capable of playing both of the new hi-def formats.Read on for more information… Warner Bros. plans to call its new format Total HD and help simplify things for consumers who are worried about the format war. Chairman and Executive of Warner Bros. Barry M. Meyer had this to say:

The next best thing is to recognize that there will be two formats, and to make that not a negative for the consumer,” said Meyer. “We [Warner] felt that the most significant constituency for us to satisfy was the consumer first, and the retailer second. The retailer wants to sell hardware and doesn’t want to be forced into stocking two formats for everything. This is ideal for them.” – NY TIMES

If true this could be a huge boost to hi-definition DVD. Head on over to the New York Times for the full articles.

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