SplitFish To Sponsor Playstation 3 Tournament Team

Edmonton, January 3rd, 2007 ~ SplitFish GameWare Inc announced that it is seeking 5 talented PS2 gamers to represent the company as a team in online use and Playstation 3 tournaments. This SplitFish team will participate in online play and PS3 tournaments during the course of 2007.Read on for the rest of the press release… Each chosen competitor will receive a Playstation 3 to graduate from their PS2 console, PS3 games, a year worth of free internet connection, vouchers for on line purchases, PS3 FX GameWare Series products, a permanent SplitFish email address and an opportunity to beta test new concept technologies.In exchange, each game player will represent SplitFish for one year as goodwill ambassadors during online play, and compete in online tournaments during the course of 2007. No travel required.Individuals that are 16 years of age or older and live in the United States or Canada with an interest in joining the SplitFish PS3 Tournament Team should email gamer@splitfish.com with the following information: * Name / game handle and age, * State or Province, * Years playing PS2 Games, * Favorite PS2 game(s) and game style, * Best Score or list games they have beaten. * Hours spent per week on console game play / internet use. * A short paragraph on why you should be chosen.All submitted information is for the exclusive use of SplitFish in determining the qualified persons with the highest standards to represent the company for online game play. Final decisions will be announced on or before the closing date of January 31st, 2007.For further details email us at info@splitfish.com or visit our web site at www.splitfish.com and submit an information request via our Contact Form.About SplitFish:SplitFish is a developer of original patented video game hardware technologies that include the theme park quality eyeFX 3D Adapter, the edgeFX Competition Controller, the motionFX Tilt-sensing Adapter, the glideFX Trackball Controller, and the dualFX Laser Gun.

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