Happy Feet Dances Past Bond

The family animated feature Happy Feet danced past Casino Royale take the box office crown.Borat finally slipped from the top to third while Santa and toilet humour rounded out the top 5… head inside for more. I personally expected Casino Royale to take the top spot over Happy Feet, which was in 400 more theatres than Bond, but alas the power of family movies managed to succeed.The movie that everyone in the world is suing, Borat, slipped to third, while Santa Clause 3 managed to edge out Flushed Away.Here are the top 5 films over the weekend according to early estimates. I’m hoping when the full numbers are in Bond does take the top spot.1. Happy Feet (Warner Bros.) $42.3 million (3,804 theatres)2. Casino Royale [ review ] (Sony / Columbia) $40.6 million (3,434 theatres)3. Borat (Fox) $14.4 million (2,611 theatres)4. The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (Buena Vista) $8.2 million (3,359 theatres)5. Flushed Away (Paramount (DreamWorks)) $6.8 million (3,307 theatres)

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