The 12 episode online series “Heartland Horrors” premieres January on Horrorchannel.comREAD ON FOR DETAILS Guttenberg, NJ – Continuing to present original programming on broadband, The Horror Channel, in association with SenoReality Pictures and Gunn Park Entertainment, will release the original online series “Heartland Horrors,” this January. The announcement was made today by Nicholas Psaltos, Founder and CEO, The Horror Channel.“As with our first online series, Shadow Falls, we continue to develop original entertainment with talented, independent filmmakers,” said Psaltos. “Heartland Horrors is another example of quality writing, direction and production from emerging filmmakers seeking valid distribution for their programming. The Horror Channel helps them get their careers moving. Our fans can look forward to similar projects from us in the future.”“Heartland Horrors,” Season One, is a series of 12 individual episodes, ranging from Twilight Zone-type programming to more intense horror. Each episode runs between 10 and 25 minutes, and the series features such titles as “The Last Laugh,” the bizarre story of an insane clown turning the screws on a captive mime; and “Woman’s Intuition,” a tale of a young woman who hears strange noises whenever danger is approaching.“Woman’s Intuition” recently won the Audience Award at the Kansas International Film Festival, judged by horror film legends George A. Romero and Tom Savini.

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