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Attention Disney fans and collector’s, there are some upcoming Disney titles that I’m sure you’ll be interested in as we quickly approach the all important 4th sales quarter of the year.We have some info on the latest wave of Walt Disney Treasures tins, as well as the upcoming Platinum Special Editions that are to arrive in the not too distant future.To get a gander at the goods,read ahead… Hitting stores shelves on December 19th for an SRP of $32.99 each, wave number 6 of the Walt Disney Treasures limited edition tins will be comprised of the following titles: Your Host, Walt Disney; More Silly Symphonies, The Complete Pluto – Volume 2; & The Hardy Boys – The Mickey Mouse Club. Hopefully, the quality of the video on these tins is better then the lazy offering on the last wave of discs.Specs –Your Host, Walt Disney:Expect there to be full episodes of the Disneyland TV program where Walt acted as host all the way through and didn’t just introduce. Programs will include: The Fourth Anniversary Show (1957), I Captured The King of The Leprechauns (1959), Kodak Presents Disneyland ’59 (1959) & Disneyland 10th Anniversary Show (1965)More Silly Symphonies:The remaining 38 Symphonies shorts will be included as will likely be featurettes and easter eggs.The Complete Pluto – Volume 2:Sorts will likely include: Rescue Dog, Mail Dog, Pluto’s Blue Note (1947); Bone Bandit, Pluto’s Purchase, Cat Nap Pluto, Pluto’s Fledgling (1948); Pueblo Pluto, Pluto’s Surprise Package, Pluto’s Sweater, Bubble Bee, Sheep Dog (1949); Pluto’s Heart Throb, Pluto and the Gopher, Wonder Dog, Primitive Pluto, Puss Cafe, Pests of the West, Food for Feudin’, Camp Dog (1950); Cold Storage, Cold Turkey (1951).Also likely, expect featurettes.The Hardy Boys – The Mickey Mouse Club:Expect the entire first 20 part serial of The Hardy Boys that aired on The Mickey Mouse Club in 1956 and 1957. There should be interviews and featurettes included. Also, there was a second serial that will likely be a future Treasures title.Finally, it has been revealed that on the upcoming Little Mermaid 2-disc SE, that Peter Pan and Jungle Book have been selected to be the next Platinum edition releases. They should hit stores with remastered images and 5.1 home theater mixes in March and October 2007 respectively. Alas, still no respect for Pinocchio and 101 Dalmations. :PAlso, look for a 2 disc SE of Robin Hood which has been dubbed The Most Wanted Edition to hit stores on November 28th with an SRP of $29.99, also with remastered sound and video. There will be more details on all titles as soon as they are available.For now, check out some of the cover art…Cover Art –

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